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Read the inspiring stories from past and current members of Back In Shape. Find out how membership, the program and the support offered has given them the framework necessary to make sometimes transformative change and a return to thriving instead of struggling through life with daily pain.

Lara Fatica


Julie B.

"Following my regular body combat class about 25 years ago, I suddenly experienced terrible back pain whilst in the middle of particularly tricky twisting and…"

James G.

"About 25 years ago I had a sciatica attack, not related to a specific injury, but completely out of the blue. With medication and rest it subsided, but over the past eight years..."

Alison S.

"Alison has suffered from back pain for most of her adult life, which has been put down to her having a ‘long’ lower back. As a result, she has undergone years of physiotherapy…"

Heathcliffe J.

"Heath has always been an avid sportsman and keen participant in a variety of physical activities and challenges – from running and cycling to work in London, to wind-surfing in Hawaii and even jumping out of..."

Helen M.

"I first experienced back pain in 2013. Frustratingly, I was 61 and keen to enjoy my newly retired status! However, overnight I developed extreme fatigue, my back and leg muscles ached, and I could barely walk..."

Lindy S.

"Lindy can trace her back pain back to when she was caring for her daughter 10 years ago. Her daughter had ‘smashed’ her ankle in an accident and, while still living at home, Lindy had to look after her and..."


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