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The Premium Membership is designed to take you through 4 Phases of rehab with exactly what you need to deal with your back pain or sciatica once and for all.

It’s more than just a plan to follow, because inevitably the uniqueness of your individual circumstances throw up challenges. Live weekly Q&A sessions & our private group is there to help you along the way, making sure you can progress through the program with confidence.

You’ve Already Got Free Membership?

This lets you get started with Phase 1. Quite often people need the most support at this stage as questions arise and uncertainty can limit progress leaving you stuck. That’s where the community & interactive parts of Premium Membership show their true value, helping hold your hand as you get started.

Feeling like you need more support in Phase 1 and have questions, then now is the perfect time to upgrade to Premium Membership and get extra support.

From here you can cast your eye over the following Phases and start to scratch the surface of what’s included in the Premium Membership. We’ve worked tirelessly to produce the best way for you to fix your back from home with a program we’re really proud of!

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Phase 2

Building A Foundation

Start strengthening in the safest possible way with carefully selected exercises that teach you to stabilise your spine. You’ll also find adaptations to help you make this often daunting first step.

This Phase includes academic units, exercise coaching videos as well as full workout videos for you to follow along with. These low impact exercises will help you not only build strength but also start to get your confidence back too.

Phase 3

Strengthening In The Real World

Taking the skills you’ve learned in Phase 2, you’ll now incorporate resistance training to promote more lasting adaptive change in your musculoskeletal system, making your back stronger.

The progress you make in Phase 3 will help you protect your back from the stresses of daily life. Developing subconscious and correct movement patterns play a vital role in this phase. Ultimately this combination will guard you against future relapses.

Phase 4

Challenging & Back Friendly Workouts

Phase 4 contains a variety of simple & effective ‘back friendly’ workouts that you can use for the long term. Keeping your Back In Shape doesn’t need to be difficult, this Phase gives you a great long term plan.

These full body workouts are designed for limitless progression, which will help tone your body, build muscle, improve cardiovascular health and much more. All of this, with peace of mind that your workouts are ‘practitioner approved’.

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Flexibility Program

12 Week Flexibility Program

Flexibility is important but as you’ll learn through the program, it is frequently done incorrectly and at the wrong time. This makes your back worse!

When the time is right to make measurable improvement, the 12-week Flexibility Program will achieve objective, measurable change. This makes your back better!

Q&A Library

Extra Video Guidance

Naturally questions arise & extra clarification is required. We have a growing library of short videos to help you through the program. Here you’ll find adaptations for exercises, additional tactics to help progress & guidance on how to return to doing the things you love.

Join Our Awesome Community

The mental health component of long standing back injuries or sciatica is something that’s often ignored. This is where our community shines. We have weekly livestreams on Zoom as well as our Private Facebook group where you’ll share a space with others on the same journey as you. By joining us you’ll be sharing in the challenges & successes by being part of this uplifting community.

Livestream Library

Weekly Live Q&A Support

Every week we run a 60 minute questions and answers on Zoom & our Facebook group. Members join us from all over the UK and the world to get direct help.

Every livestream is uploaded to the library with timestamps and additional resources all designed to help you achieve your goals.

The Facebook Group

Connect With Other Members

The Facebook Group is a great place where the team post updates, share tips & engages with our community. Whether it’s asking questions, sharing your progress, or uploading videos of your doing your exercises for critique, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

We’re really proud of the community we’ve created with many of our Premium Members joining the Facebook group. The benefit of being part of a community and seeing others overcoming the same challenges as you can be a great motivator keeping you on track for long term results.

Your Back In Shape Journey

How To Follow The Program

In case you’ve not seen it already, this video gives you a great overview of how you can progress through the Back In Shape Program with your Premium Membership.

Premium Membership


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Q&A Library Access
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Frequently Asked Questions:

When Will I Access After Joining?

Immediately! Your account access will be upgraded so you can get stuck in right away.

Can I Cancel My Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime from the My Account area.

Does My Subscription Renew?

Yes, all subscriptions will renew unless cancelled to give you an uninterrupted experience so you can focus on the program.

Can I Turn Off Auto Renew?

Yes, you can turn this feature on and off from your My Account area anytime.

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How Do I Join The Facebook Community?

Easy, on signing up you’ll receive an email with links to this and much more.

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