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The Premium Membership is designed to take you through 4 Phases of rehab with exactly what you need to deal with your back pain or sciatica once and for all.


It’s more than just a plan to follow, because inevitably the uniqueness of your individual circumstances throw up challenges. Live weekly Q&A sessions & our private group is there to help you along the way, making sure you can progress through the program with confidence.

Learn About the Phases

How To Safely Strengthen Your Back

Phase 1
The starting place for most members, this is where you quite often have the most questions & greatest uncertainty.

Support from the Premium Membership will help you get off to the best start, you don't need to go it alone.
Phase 2
Start strengthening in the safest way with carefully selected exercises that teach you to stabilise your spine.

You’ll also find adaptations to help you make this often daunting first step.

These low impact exercises will help you not only build strength but also start to get your confidence back too.
Phase 3
You’ll now incorporate resistance to promote more lasting change in your musculoskeletal system, making your back stronger.

The progress you make here will help you protect your back from the stresses of daily life.

Developing subconscious and correct movement patterns play a vital role in this phase. Ultimately this combination will guard you against future relapses.
Phase 4
A variety of effective ‘back friendly’ workouts that you can use for the long term.

These workouts are designed for limitless progression, which will help tone your body, build muscle, improve cardiovascular health and much more.

All of this, with peace of mind that your workouts are ‘practitioner approved’.
Flexibility Program
Flexibility is important but as you’ll learn through the program, it is frequently done incorrectly and at the wrong time. This makes your back worse!

This 12-week Program will achieve objective, measurable change. This makes your back better!
More Than Just a Program

Support From Our Community & Experts

Weekly Live Q&A Videos

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Being able to ask questions to help steer you safely through the program makes all the difference.
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Bonus Video Demos

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Video's are worth 1000 word's & a library of videos can help you every step of the way.
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Private Facebook Group

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Being part of a community of others who are going through the same challenges with the same injuries as you is invaluable.
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£ 21
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  • Phase 1: Building Foundations
  • Phase 2: Basic Strengthening
  • Phase 3: Adding Resistance
  • Phase 4: Progressive Workouts
  • Flexibility Program: 12-weeks
  • Weekly Livestream: Live Q&A
  • Bonus: Video Demo Library
  • Private Facebook Group


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