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Resolve Low Back Pain & Sciatica For Good

Join us today and find out why GP’s, Chiropractors and other medical specialists trust Back In Shape to help their patients get lasting results.

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Guidance When You Need It Most

The ability to get real-time support daily and weekly is one of the features that sets the membership apart, and why we have such success in resolving low back issues.


The Backbone Of The Program

Phase One

Back health lessons & routine to support healing the root cause.

Phase Two

Safe introduction of targeted movements to build competence.

Phase Three

Careful addition of more challenging concepts & load to your movements.

Phase Four

Building back resilience that lasts giving you the freedom you deserve.

Flexibility Program

Enhance hip mobility in a back friendly way that works.

Membership From £9.60 per week

Membership gives you complete access to the program complete with expert support, everything you'll need to be free from pain.


When You Become A Member

You can get started right away but there are some helpful things to look out for to make sure you get started in the most effective way for your unique circumstances.

1. Sign up

Complete the registration for membership online.

2. Check Your Inbox

Read the welcome email & check out the resources.

3. Schedule Your Call

Book your welcome consultation right away.

4. Start The Program

Start working through Phase One & Two material.


More Ways Back In Shape Can Help You

Membership to the program is how we help the majority of people with their back pain, but there is more...

Over the years we’ve developed resources, and services, as well as brought back in person sessions to help you in the best way possible.

One-To-One Sessions

Get personal support through our bespoke sessions

Visit Us For Treatment

Visit the HQ for full treatment sessions with our team

Back In Shape Podcast

A great source of support and guidance available for free

Fixing Low Back Pain


Just what you need if you’ve been struggling with any of the following:

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