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Back Pain Or Sciatica? You're In The Right Place!

Before the pandemic of 2020, Lara & Michael owned  a busy clinic in central London, specialising in neck and back pain. Nowadays they help members all over the world fix their back pain and get back to doing the things they love. Having built the renowned Back In Shape Program, they’re now able to help more people than ever before! Whether it’s competing in triathlons in their 60’s, getting back to work after time off, being able to play with their newborn child again, or even just get through a day without reaching for the pain killers, the program is making an impact in unexpected ways.

If you’ve been struggling with back pain or sciatica, and need a real solution for lasting results, you’re in the right place! Have a look around and reach out to the team if you need any help joining us.

Four Steps To Get Back To What You Love, Without Pain!

How To Safely Rebuild Your Back

Phase One
Develop an understanding for your back which will last a lifetime as well as uncovering the secrets to lasting results. Phase One forms the foundation on which your strong & healthy back will be built.
Phase Two
Regular flare ups are caused by a lack of control of spine movement, as you start to develop this skill, you’ll begin to see improvements & healing in your back can start gathering momentum.
Phase Three
Develop movement patterns, with resistance to build strength that will further the resilience in your lower back as healing continues to take place with ever-decreasing frequency of relapses.
Phase Four
Bullet-proof your back with a blueprint for a long term solution. Following the 4 Pillars discussed in this Phase you’ll be able to take on any workout safely, and make it work for you and your back!
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