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About Us

A Program Developed By Spine Experts

The Mayfair Clinic is a specialist back pain clinic in central London, UK. The clinic uses a blend of new technologies to offer patients a non-surgical approach to treating back pain. This is followed up with home based rehabilitation to enhance treatment outcomes.

The Back In Shape Membership community help people all over the world. People need the correct advice early on, it makes a huge difference and with our program they can get exactly what’s needed & we’re really proud of what it’s become


How Back In Shape Can Help You

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

First-aid, relief bases protocols which reduce your inflammation & pain safely. Plus avoiding common ‘relief stretches’ that inevitably worsen back problems.

Strengthen Your Back

Build support for your back safely with the correct exercises, through 3 Phases of recovery. Each Phase building on the progress of the last.

Protect From Future Relapses

By rebuilding strength, stability & flexibility, in the correct order. Complete with exert guided video instructions & real-time clinician support.


The Best Online Back Pain Program

The Back In Shape program is designed to be easy to access with 2 levels of membership. The Basic FREE membership is where you can try out our Phase 1 Protocol as well as benefit from all the education that goes alongside this phase. The PREMIUM membership is an instant ‘Access All Areas’ membership so you can immediately start getting your Back In Shape with full support from day 1.

Specific Back Pain Relief Protocols

The exact protocols you should be adhering to in the early stages of back pain rehabilitation to provide effective relief & support normal back alignment.

Creating Foundation & Avoiding Bad Practice

The direct avoidance of harmful common practice is essential. This is coupled with the effective installation of foundational practices vital for rehab success.

Activation of Basic Static Strength & Stability

Specific exercises proven to safely engage and build the muscles that protect your lower back, without running the risk of injuring yourself mid-process.

Careful Guidance On Progressing Intensity

Support to build your strength and stability in a timely manner without overworking is a skill. Fortunately our experts are on hand to guide you.

Dynamic Strength, Stability & Flexibility

Building in real-world exercises to ensure durability and resilience in your lower back with sensible but challenging exercises that are right for you.

Keeping Your Back In Shape For Life

Principled guidance & workouts to keep you healthy, happy and back pain free for the long term. This closing part of the program keeps your back great.

Live Group Coaching Calls & Q&A

Join us for our regular Livestreams, exclusive for members, each session we’ll be covering topics in detail, with practical tips & Q&A. This is a perfect opportunity to get even more out of your Back In Shape Membership.

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Complete Back Pain Support Program

The Back In Shape Program is designed to be there when you’re in crisis and really struggling with back pain. Once you’re pain levels have reduced & you’re able to, careful introduction of sensible exercises with continued stretching builds foundational support. This progress is enhanced in the final phase to round off the process and complete the rehabilitation with exercises that are carefully chosen to ensure the support mechanisms have been adequately built.

Some will progress more rapidly than others through this process, we all have our unique challenges to overcome.


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Developed By An Award Winning Back Pain Clinic

The Queen's Award For Enterprise Innovation 2020

The Mayfair Clinic

The Back In Shape Program was developed by Lara & Michael, Co-founders of The Mayfair Clinic. The clinic in central London was given this prestigeous award for its efforts to integrate technology into their approach of back pain.

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