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Lara & Michael are the husband and wife team met at university studying to become Osteopaths. Having gathered significant experience over the years including founding & running a successful, award winning clinic in Central London the Back In Shape Program was created out of necessity in 2020.

Since its creation, the program has gone on to support many thousands across the UK and around the world through the main program’s membership as well as reaching many more through the growing YouTube Channel.

One of the astonishing revelations they’ve learned through the Back In Shape Program is just how much impact the online program can have in patients suffering from all manner of back pain and sciatica. Many members come to the program having tried numerous treatments and interventions with little success. With the support of Lara & Michael, the education from the program as well as a concrete plan of action through the 4 Phases these same members are able to finally take control of their progress and get their Back In Shape to a point often above and beyond their expectation

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