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The Back In Shape Program was created out of a somewhat unique experience. Lara & Michael, trained osteopaths, founded a technology based back pain clinic in central London – The Mayfair Clinic. The unique approach drew on experience treating thousands of back pain patients with their accompanying spinal imaging. Over the years seeing patients with this imaging, a unique insight was developed regarding how the spine works and how it fails, as well as the real shortfalls of common approaches to treating & relieving back pain.

This success lead to national coverage of their clinic in August of 2018 in the Daily Telegraph amongst many other publications. This success culminated in February of 2020 when the clinic was awarded HM The Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation.

Then the pandemic happened.

Lara & Michael took to online and proceeded to run daily Live broadcasts with Q&A for people up and down the country to freely join and get help with their back pain and draw on this expertise from home. This was done every single weekday for 150 episodes and it was during this time that the Back In Shape Program was developed and released as a way of helping people up and down the country fix their own back pain from home.

It worked!

Members with a variety of conditions affecting the lower back were getting fantastic results from home by following the program, rehabilitating their lower backs, and getting back into the activities they love! This all happening at a time when there was next to no support provided through traditional avenues – an issue that lingers to a degree even now.

In spite of this success with the Back In Shape Program, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Unfortunately due to ongoing restrictions in the UK which particularly impacted commuting in and out of central London, the clinic had to shut its doors permanently in the closing months of 2020.

Since then, the Back In Shape Program has grown into a thriving community of members who’ve been through the program and continue to keep their Back In Shape following the principles we teach! New members continue to join the community & program, not only from the UK but also around the world, get the help they need, the expertise they seek, and the results they deserve. 
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