How To Do Sciatic Nerve Flossing If You Have Sciatica

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Flossing Your Sciatic Nerve

When you’re experiencing sciatica it can be tempting to do whatever you can to alleviate the pain, and so many will come into contact with this sciatic nerve flossing technique. The premise behind this technique is that the sciatic nerve itself, or some of its originating nerve roots, are stuck. By flossing, the nerve back and forth, we are able to “loosen” the nerve and break these adhesions.

Make sure you scroll later on as we’ve got some important pointers on the suitability of this particular stretching technique that you won’t want to miss out on!

How to do sciatic nerve flossing demonstration:

When flossing the sciatic nerve, you’re looking to round the spine completely, as well as flex the hip and straighten the leg, this forces the nerve to travel the greatest distance, then from this position, we can move the neck or foot, to pull the tension one way or another. Thus the flossing action is achieved.

This technique would be done in a “repetitions” manner, rather than a “stretching manner”

Equipment Needed

  • A chair


  1. Sitting on the chair, slouch with a rounded posture
  2. Tuck your chin in
  3. Raise the one leg out in front of you
  4. Point the toe to the sky
  5. Now, alternate between the toe pointing towards your body and away from you.
  6. You can also nod the head forward and down, in sync with the foot movements.
  7. Repeat for repetitions and then try the other leg.

Should you really do sciatic nerve flossing?

Fundamentally this exercise has a number of issues with it, not least it is doing next to nothing to deal with the underlying issue. Fortunately we have plenty of information on the website and youtube channel to help you better understand sciatica and how to remedy it.

Start here with the Back In Shape Podcast episode on sciatica for a more detailed understanding & explanation.

In short, the posture you are adopting during this exercise is provocative and focuses stress on numerous tissues, such as the discs and spinal ligaments that are likely to be at the cause of your sciatica. Making them worse during a misguided pursuit of a notion that you can floss the sciatic nerve like you would a tooth.

Unfortunately there are no ways to make this exercise a good one, instead invest your time focussing on more useful avenues. For example, stretching the hamstrings would make sense, but doing so in the correct way will be much more beneficial. You’ll also have to begin working on some strengthening protocols to help rebuild the support for the lower back, where the sciatic nerve gets its supply.

Fortunately, we can help and you can get all the guidance and support you’ll need in our membership program, learn more about becoming a member below.

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