How To Fix The Bone Sticking Out On The Back Of Neck

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Having the neck hump, or dowagers hump is something that causes a lot of bother. Quite often the severity of this hump or protrusion on the back of the neck is influenced by the alignment of your neck and head. The reality is that if you start taking steps to make significant improvements in your posture and neck alignment you can make serious improvements to this hump, even if there is a little more fat tissue there!

How you don’t fix neck hump

The main goal with this re-alignment of the neck to fix the neck hump is to put the head back over the top of the shoulders, whilst returning the natural lordosis of the neck. Exercises like chin tucks are common ones which do not address both areas at the same time, in fact chin tucks can actually make your neck hump worse! In cases where there is a flat cervical spine or worse, a forward bending cervical spine, the chin tuck will enhance the protruding bone on the back of your neck.

How does the neck hump cause pain on the bone?

One of the problems with the neck hump is neck pain. Because the head is pushed forwards, there is more force on the trapezius and ligaments of the neck, these attach a the bone at the base of your neck to form a strong anchoring point. If your head is always pushed forwards the constant increase of tension on this bone starts to create inflammation and soreness in the area. Sometimes people with the neck hump will feel like the hump is a little inflamed and this will be down to that constant irritation of the attachment sight mentioned above. Not nice!

The best way to fix your neck hump or dowagers hump

By combining the lordosis protecting movement using the band in the video above, with exercises that strengthen the head carriage you can restore a more stable and natural posture, encouraging normal alignment of the head and neck, whilst also building strength in the neck and shoulders too. If you add this into your normal training routine and gradually do reps with more resistance for the strengthening part of the routine, you’ll find over time not only does the neck bone stick out less, but your overall posture improves significantly too!

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