Is Sciatic Flossing The Worst Stretch For Back Pain & Leg Pain

In this video we talk about the sciatic nerve flossing exercise. We know from experience this is recommended all the time to help that sciatic nerve that is trapped, glide a little better but is it really the kind of exercise that you want to do and what considerations would you want to make before repeatedly doing this exercise.

We go into much more detail in the video but as a short preview a few takeaways for you to consider:

1) What is causing the entrapment of the sciatic nerve and would it be worth addressing that first and foremost?

2) If the cause is a typical lumbar spine injury involving the discs and posterior (back) part of the intervertebral segment, is it a wise idea to do a practice like this that will no doubt be making the healing process of these causative injury less effective?

3) This is not a progressive exercise and all too often this, in conjunction with other practices, rather than exercises are used with an absence of physical strengthening work. Have you fallen into this trap and done endless practices without moving onto the vital strengthening work needed to rebuild your lower back?

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