I Have Hip Pain What Should I Do? What Causes Impingement Of The Hip?

Certain exercises can cause you to notice some clicking or flicking in the hip area, and it could well cause you a bit of concern if you’re not sure why you’re experiencing it. Hip clicking is very common but it can make you a bit worried. You may experience it on the side of the hip or on the front. There are two common causes known as snapping hip syndrome and femoral acetabular impingement. A healthy hip joint is able to move smoothly at various ranges of motion. A deformity around the hip joint can cause it to catch, which can cause clicking. Another possible deformity that can occur in combination with osteoarthritis can also cause clicking due to the joint catching.

Snapping hip syndrome may not be painful for you to experience as it’s usually because the tendon is flicking rather than the joint catching. If it does cause you pain, it’s going to usually occur at the side of the hip. Adjusting your hip angle while doing the exercises that cause it can help immediately, but there are also a couple of other treatment options. Surgical intervention can be used to alter the area. The right exercises can help with strengthening your muscles and working on your flexibility as well to help improve how this area of the body functions. Live Q&A at towards the end of the video. #BackInShape #BackPain #HipPain

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