What Is Hurting My Shoulder? What Is Causing My Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is a more complex joint and can take a bit of time to improve. The shoulder is a very unstable joint, a bit like a golf ball on a tee. With joints that have poor stability, they require muscular support in order to prevent any future problems from occurring. The rotator cuff muscles are responsible for keeping your joint in place. If those muscles aren’t developed, the surrounding muscles can push on the shoulder and cause it to shear. In turn, this can cause the cartilage to become injured, which can then take time to recover from.

When you’ve got an injury to the shoulder, you’ll likely try to avoid using it. However, when you do this it’ll likely start to hurt more because you’re not using it and you’re not using the muscles. The muscular support that is there will then atrophy further and you will then have more problems. The only way to get through this problem is to do the rehabilitation that will build the muscular support.

This also applies to the lower back when you have a problem there. The three main injuries you’re going to get are affecting the supraspinatus tendon, the bicep tendon and the cartilage. Most people are less active than they should be, and a very common side-effect of slouching while you’re inactive is rounded shoulders. This puts a lot of stress through the upper back and shoulders. The supraspinatus tendon doesn’t get a lot of circulation during the day but can get too much at night, as a result it can take time for it to heal because it doesn’t get a lot of flow during the day.

You can very gently hang from a bar, with your feet on the floor and performing a very gentle stretch with the hang and this can bring a little more circulation to it during the day. The bicep tendon can become injured if you have poor posture. Poor posture can cause the tendon to flick when you move your shoulder around, which can be uncomfortable. In the same way sciatica affects the legs from an injury in the lower back, you can experience pain in the shoulder that is originating from the neck. If you’re spending a lot of time looking down during the day on your phone, laptop or smart device, then you may have compression in the neck that’s causing referred symptoms to the shoulders. Live Q&A near the end of the video.

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