Can I Do Anything About 20 Years Of Back Pain?

Not all cases of back pain needs to get to the point where you’re struggling with the pain for years. A lack of understanding as to what’s going on within the spine can mean that you’re doing things unknowingly that are making your problem worse.

Exercises like nerve flossing and knee hugs are so widely recommended, but can make the problem so much worse. Your body is always trying to heal itself, but if you’re repetitively doing knee hugs or nerve flossing, you pull that healed tissue apart. When you consistently interrupt that healing process, scar tissue develops.

\The consequences of this problem are: Physical avoidance: because you’re aggravating the problem continuously, you’ll stop doing everything to prevent that from happening. Poor results: The lack of results can cause you to feel down about the things you can no longer do.

Neurological bombardment: causes you to become more and more sensitive to pain Bad experience: poor experience with one method then causes you to avoid trying other things, doubt whether what you’re doing is working, have an impatience towards the recovery process. You do have the capacity to take control over your recovery, it’s not too late to do something about it but you need consistency.

A 5-10-20 year problem is not going to disappear over two days or two weeks even, it takes time and doing the right things everyday. Recognise you have a problem that has been badly dealt with. You can’t do anything about the past, but move forwards by doing the right things.

Contrast bathing: sometimes your brain or body can’t deal with the pain levels and stops providing resources. The use of heat and ice therapy in combination with each other can help increase the blood flow more aggressively so you bring more life back into the area. One time treatment is not going to be enough, you need again consistency with this. Practice: with the exercises you need persistence.

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