Can The C2 Massage Gun By Bob & Brad Help Your Back Pain?

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Over the years we’ve had a lot of experience using massage guns for lower back pain in clinical settings, and tried a number of the high end devices from brands which would be considered the “market leaders” at the time. Since then, there have been a lot of releases of cheaper models on the internet, particularly Amazon. One of the big issues with these cheaper models is that oftentimes they’re simply not good quality.

C2 massage gun for back pain

The reality is that intervening in the muscular system can provide benefits for lower back issues, both in the short term by providing temporary alleviation, but also helping the adaption process as you rebuild your strength and support systems – arguably helping you make more progress over time. This helps the muscles adapt to the workouts or stretching regimens you use. The simple fact of the matter, although some without experience in these will dispute this, these sorts of guns are great ways to deliver more effective treatment to the muscular system in ways which are often more pleasant for the patient too.

However, whether using massage guns in clinical settings or not, getting treatments, even massages can be an aid to your workout regimen. The fact is however, that doing this with regularity is costly, especially in cases where back pain is long standing, it can be a real financial strain to have regular treatments.

Massage guns however offer a mechanism for you to “treat yourself” granted, it is not the same as a trained professional doing the job. However, when we consider a massager like the C2 from Bob & Brad is practically the same cost as many treatments one might go for, it is easy to see how these can be an investment worth the money!

Our thoughts on the C2 massage gun

Overall the initial impression was good, considering the price tag coming in under £100 it really is a good economical choice. The build quality with the integrated battery feels more sturdy than our Hypervolt Plus’ which were bought when they first came out at a cost of £500. Having said that, they were workhorses and have done thousands of treatments in their time.

The set itself consists of numerous heads that can be used in different regions of the body for various targeted applications, for example, the fork applicator is a great option for the muscles either side of your spine, provided you feel comfortable to do so.

We mentioned earlier that the C2 Massager has an integrated battery, thankfully this is also a USB-c and so there is no need for a specialist charger which is a nice touch allowing you to plug it in and charge it even from your laptop or car.

Another positive would be the weight of the device, coming in small, but powerful, it is light enough to use with ease in all areas without trading off the power. In our experience at any rate, more pressure is often not equal to more results – a common misconception.

The only unknown, which will ultimately be revealed in the fullness of time is the durability over the longterm. We haven’t had time to put it through it’s paces in the same way we had with previous devices. However a Massage gun at under £100 isn’t designed to be a clinical workhorse and the impression is that it will be more than adequate for personal use for even the most active athlete.

All in all we will be using the C2 Massage Gun in a few more videos of helpful routines to work on certain areas of the body, live routines if you will. You don’t have to use this massage gun to do them with us, but know that we feel confident enough in the piece of equipment to do so.

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  1. The discount code didn’t work today but it was on offer so good value on Amazon at just £69.99.
    Bought for a friend and will be interested to see if it outlasts my more expensive Hypervolt one!

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