7 Steps To Getting Your Back In Shape

Full Article Written By Amy Packer.

Today we featured in a full double page spread in both the Daily Express & Daily Mirror sharing one of our members Back In Shape Journey. The article shared Annie’s Back In Shape Journey and how she’s gone from struggling to go to work, to being back doing Park Runs and even completing the Yorkshire 3-Peaks Challenge.

From our point of view it’s wonderful to share in our members journeys and we hear about stories just like Annie’s from many of our members inside our private community. It’s heartwarming to see these transformations in people, not only for us, but inspiring for so many. All too often, we hear of people struggling with long standing lower back pain who feel isolated and like there is nothing they can do to find relief from the pain. We know how helpful it can be to hear of others successes.

One of the challenges is that these stories are so often within our community but others struggling, skeptical of finding solutions and resigning themselves to undesirable outcomes need a little light to guide them forwards.

Occasions such as this, national coverage in a newspaper, give these people a degree of hope that they can really make change and get out of trouble. And it’s not a “too good to be true gimmick”. There are so many of them out there that we often feel skeptical of anything.

As you all, who are already members will know, you’re the ones doing the work! We’ve put the program together and have been there to guide you. And work hard you have. It isn’t just Annie that has put in the hard work, but hundreds of you within the Premium Membership and thousands more over the years have got onto the program, worked hard, and kept it up for the long term!

Credit to all of you!

The Daily Express & Mirror asked us to put together a taster, some immediately actionable exercises that anyone could start out with, and we’ve included a Photograph of the article below which you can check out for the details but here’s the quick breakdown.

7 Steps To Getting Your Back In Shape

  1. Core-Set Engagement: bracing your spine
  2. Modified Deadbug: controlling spine stability
  3. Squat: integrating load bearing control of your spine
  4. Hamstring Stretch: mobilising hip movement – flexion
  5. Hip Flexor Stretch: mobilising hip movement – extension
  6. Spine Decompression: unloading your spine
  7. Icing: controlling excess inflammation buildup

What About Membership To The Program?

For those of you reading this who aren’t already one of our Premium Members, the membership is an all encompassing solution to get your Back In Shape. We hope that those exercises have given you a flavour of what needs to be done to fix your back pain once and for all.

Unfortunately, a sheet of exercises, even the right ones can be helpful but not always. This is why the program is video based.

If a picture can paint a thousand words, a video can write a novel. The nuance and education that we put into the core programs videos is vital for those who are struggling a little more, and those who are perhaps at risk of charging ahead a little too vigorously. But it isn’t only the “program” that members use, there are numerous additional videos with tweaks and adjustments to help you progress with your very own Back In Shape Journey.

Finally, there is the support, every week, live video calls with our community, troubleshooting, demonstrating on video, back and forth with members to help them overcome their individual challenges. This in addition to the already mentioned Private group with a wonderful community feel, helps make sure you have everything you need to get your Back In Shape.

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