How To Strengthen Hip Flexors For A Stronger Lower Back?

If you want to really develop a strong lower back you must not forget about the front part of your spine. The hip flexors play an important roll in your hip health but the Psoas muscle in particular plays a vital role in your lower back too and is often completely ignored from a strengthening point of view.

Frequently you’ll be instructed to stretch the hip flexors, but what about strengthen them? Most of the time from this point of view, they’re just ignored. Remember, muscles will often get tight because they’re not strong enough to function effectively and deal with the demands placed on them from every day activities.

When you are working on your hip flexor strength, you might find that your lower back want’s to round, especially in the third exercise where we use resistance to challenge the flexor more.

When you’re working through these three exercises, really focus on engaging your core correctly, and your lower back muscles to make sure the spine is held strong, that way the hip flexor can do its work without you being tempted to round your lower back to help!

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