How To Use A Vibration Gun For Tight Muscles – Lower Body Routine

The rise in popularity of vibration massage guns for home use has lead a wave of individuals adopting these as household items to enhance recovery, provide symptomatic relief and aid stretching effectiveness. When used well they can enhance both your workouts and also your recovery and ultimately give you an edge in achieving your goals.

In this video we look at the use of the Hypervolt Plus on the lower body. This video is designed to be a “walkthrough” video that you can follow along with as we’re constantly asked how you can use them at home by our members.

These vibration guns offer a great way for you to warm up before a workout and get blood into the muscles, at the same time, post workout helping to drain lactic acid and other waste metabolites from the target tissues. Employing the use of these a couple of times a week or more can really help you reap the benefits of massage based work from home, and in our clinical experience, good quality massage guns are far superior to more traditional massage approaches.

Finally we go through an awesome stretching enhancement with the hamstrings and get real, live, and rather surprising improvement in hamstring mobility. Even having spent years using these devices on patients, and myself, it is still shocking sometimes how much difference you can feel from this combination of stretch and vibration – try it out for yourself!

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