Why Is It So Difficult To Resolve Back Pain?

How can you avoid the vicious cycle of your back pain not getting better? Firstly you need to understand that it is ligament balance and imbalance that dictates spinal stability or lack there of. The ligamentous tissue of the spine helps it orientate itself correctly and acts as a solid but mobile structure that can be moved and adjusted by the muscles in a gross way, for example, twist right or left.

We do not control the individual spinal joints with the muscles, we don’t control them consciously really in any way, the spinal ligaments really preserve a degree of tensions through the spine that allow things to move normally. When we have damage to these continuous blends of ligaments, it is like having a weak link in the chain. Things in this area become unstable and more in ways the body is not used to or doesn’t expect. If it doesn’t expect these movements then it often will not be able to handle them and this leads to a cycle of injury, and re-injury often on a low grade chronic level to begin with.

The good news is that these ligaments can change, their dynamic and they adapt for better or for worse governed by our habits. Given the common habits of modern ligaments the unfortunate reality is that the L4/L5 and L5/S1 segments at the bottom of the lower back are most prone to negative change occurring ‘under the radar’.

In this video we go into a little more detail on the three issues that make the above issues worse! After watching this video do try to work on paying more attention to the three things in the second part of the video. Take the time to start developing good habits and strengthen your body with the exercises that we recommend in the program as you’re probably already doing! Over time your consistency will pay off!

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