The Worst Movement For Your Lower Back Pain & What To Do Instead

Think about how many times a day you bend, whether it’s getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, these activities start the moment we wake up, it’s important to learn to get them right!

There is a tendency for those with back pain or sciatica to be very focussed on their exercises, noting down what hurts and when. However this diligence is not carried over into every day activities. In the majority of cases the exercises, be you in Phase 1, 2, 3 or 4, will take up maybe 60 minutes of your day. The rest of the day however there is ample room for activities to derail your progress if you’re not careful.

The majority of back injuries that relapse or don’t get better, are impaired because these daily activities and movement patterns are subconscious. We don’t think while were doing them. We’re designed to learn a movement pattern, i.e. walking, then put it into ‘automation’ for future reference so we can use our brain power on more complex tasks. This is how these bad habits sneak by under the radar.

After watching this video, take some time to reflect on the time and activities in your day where you’re not doing exercises. How are we doing the simplest of tasks? With good form in a spine friendly way, or are we giving our injured back more challenges than it needs right now?