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How To Go Through The Back In Shape Program?

Thank you for joining us for today’s livestream where we talked to you about how to navigate the Back In Shape membership area so you can find help for your back pain online. Back pain occurs through a failure of your body to deal with load, this builds over time and it’s often a one-off event that triggers you to start experiencing pain and it can be something as small as putting your socks on in the morning. We spend too much of our day doing things that are making our back worse, sitting for too long during the day, not exercising enough, sitting with poor posture regularly. If you have problems with your spine, you may not be able do exercises without good form. You’ll need to be very conscious about performing the exercise with perfect form because you’ve gone for so long without the appropriate support for your spine.

During Phase 1, doing the right stretches with good posture can help isolate that muscle and stretch it more effectively and improve its function. We also teach you how to engage your core muscles so that later on in the strengthening exercises you can consciously do it, as well as recruit these muscles in your day-to-day activities too. Phase 2 helps to strengthen your spine using safe movements. It starts to challenge your body while you’re not weight bearing. Relearning control over your core muscles can help during the day to protect your body against re-injury. If you’re cautious about pushing yourself too far, too soon you may find it beneficial to start feeding in Phase 2 every other day at first and build from there. You’re only competing against yourself, you don’t need to push yourself beyond your capabilities. People can often be thrown by muscle soreness that can occur when doing these exercises. It’s very common to experience muscle soreness and stiffness when doing these exercises as it’s delayed onset muscle soreness.

The questions we answered today were: If someone has been recommended surgery, is it too late for them to start these exercises and potentially avoid needing it? We’ve seen a lot of people who’ve been recommended surgery and so it’s worth trying it and see how far you can get before the surgery date. You can decide at the last minute that you don’t want it if you’ve managed to make good progress. Do you have any views on Qigong as extra form of flexibility? It sounds like it could be similar to tai-chi – those exercises can be very good for meditation. You’ll know yourself well by the point of Phase 2 or 3 to know what you need to be avoiding and that can inform your activity.

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