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Lockdown Livestreams 2020

What Is A Balanced Diet And Why Is It Important?

The topic of diet is a bit of a minefield, as there are people generally that sit strongly on the fence of one diet and it can even be dependent on the era in which you grew up because the research has evolved as more studies have been produced. There was very much a phase where fat was denounced as a dangerous food group that should be eliminated, however new research shows us a different aspect.

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How Long For A Tendon Injury To Heal?

We often see people who have repetitive strain in tendons and often people feel the need to poke and prod at their injury after they’ve had treatment. It’s common to want to massage it or to try and almost provoke the pain if it’s been relieved by treatment, but it’s really important to just leave it alone and let the tissue repair itself. We often think massage is harmless and in some cases it is, but if you’re digging down into the area you’re going to create muscle tears.

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Back To Work After COVID – I Now Have Back Pain

It was a very common occurrence that all of a sudden searches for resolving back pain took a spike. If you’re a member of our Back In Shape program, you might have found us as a result of this. Our bodies respond to environmental stresses, which would have been different than you would have experienced going into work everyday.

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Things I Can Do To Fall Asleep Faster | How to Improve Your Quality Of Sleep?

Regular Sleep Hours: people often look at a quantity of sleep time so they’ll focus on getting 8 hours of sleep during the week, but then go to bed later on the weekends. You might go to sleep later on some nights than others. This can really throw out your circadian rhythm. During lockdown perhaps you managed to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday.

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