Join us for the intensive 6 week process. The PremiumPlus will run a handful of times a year, we will have a limited number of spaces available due to the intensive nature of the process itself. Registration for PremiumPlus will close 1 week before the start of the process to give you time to complete the initial assessments & arrange your first call so you’re ready to get started right away on week 1!

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What Can You Expect From the PremiumPlus Process


1 – Take Measurements & Book Calls

In the week before the process starts you’ll be sent your initial evaluation forms to complete and return as well as schedule in your 4 calls over the next 6 weeks.

2 – The 6 Week Process & Your Calls

The 6 week process will kick off with your first call. We’ll review the forms, set goals & finish with a plan for the 6 weeks ahead focusing on key objectives & your goals. Assessments & amendments will be made along the way at each call based on your progress.

3 – A Plan For Future Success

The last call is an opportunity to review and compare progress & set out a firm plan going forwards for success and continued progress with Back In Shape for the long term!

Who Is Premium Plus For?

We’ve designed the Premium Plus program to be the perfect enhancement to the Back In Shape Program, much like people in all phases benefit from the Facebook group, or the Livestreams more, compared with just going through the program of their own accord.

Due to the One-to-one nature of this Program, your experience and journey can be completely customised to your Phase, challenges, & goals as a means of guiding you in a more direct way through the program.

So whether you’ve just joined in Phase 1 or are a seasoned BIS member in Phase 4, we’ve got 6 weeks to really work hard together to make some meaningful change.