Phase 3 – Back In Shape Digital Download

Phase 3 – Back In Shape Digital Download
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If you're able to do lots of things and walk with ease but there is that nagging back ache that fluctuates, then Phase 3 is the correct starting point for you.

Phase 3 is the natural progression for those that have moved successfully through Phases 1 & 2 of the Back In Shape Program.

  • Employing safe resistance exercises
  • Building intensity to your workouts with bands
  • A series of back friendly protocols to push you
  • Continue the progress of previous protocols
  • Really bullet-proof your back!
  • Improve your fitness & wellbeing
Getting Your Back In Shape For The Long-term!
Phase 3 is more of a lifestyle workout, keeping your body as strong and fit as possible for EVERYONE because we've selected the right exercises for anyone with a history of back pain. At The Mayfair Clinic we see even the most serious cases of back pain recover to progress safely onto exercises that include those in Phase 3. It's the perfect routine for anyone looking to get fit & healthy in a way that keeps their back in shape & free from injury. So if either of the below sound like you, then let’s get started!
  • You're looking for a safe back friendly workout
  • You have a history of past back weakness
  • You've been through Phase 1 & 2 successfully
Phase 3 includes:
  • Phase 3 Resistance Bands Protocol
  • Advanced Core Stability Level 2
  • Posture Engagement Super-Set
  • Dynamic Leg Builder
  • Dynamic Core Builder
  • Lower Body Stretch Protocol
  • Lumbar Decompression Protocol
  • Icing Guidance


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