Phase 2 – Back In Shape Digital Download

Phase 2 – Back In Shape Digital Download
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Following on from Phase 1, you can begin Phase 2!

Alternatively, if you're able to take short walks of up to 15 minutes outside, then Phase 2 is the correct starting point for you.

Often it's a lack of coherent muscular support that stops someone from being able to free themselves from back pain. Strengthening is needed, but the wrong strengthening exercises can set you back!
  • Helping you avoid common pitfalls
  • Providing direct guidance on strengthening
  • Supporting you with actionable protocols
  • Slowly & carefully building yourself up
  • ​Improving your movement & mobility & resilience
  • Getting you back to doing what you love
  • ​Building momentum in the healing process
Our expert team have created these protocols to mimic those used to great effect at The Mayfair Clinic and create a strong foundation. These protocols have the right balance of strengthening & mobility & you'll be able to progress at your own pace through the weeks. So if either of the below sound like you, then let's get started!
  • If you have regular relapses but aren't housebound.
  • If you're nervous about which exercises to do or having another relapse set you back.
  • If you know that having persistent back ache is not right & want to make the change.

Phase 2 includes:

  • How To Avoid Relapse
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Action Plan to Safeguard Recovery
  • Phase 2 Body-Weight Protocol
  • Advanced Core Stability Level 1
  • Dynamic Stability
  • Compound Finisher
  • Lower Body Stretch Protocol
  • Lumbar Decompression Protocol
  • Icing Protocol


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