Flexibility Program – Back In Shape Digital Download

Flexibility Program – Back In Shape Digital Download
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Full 12 Week Program


The 12 week Hip Flexibility Program is perfect for you if you've had back pain in the past and have successfully moved through our Phase 1-3 rehab process, or if your someone whose simply looking to improve your hip flexibility by following a science based approach to make measurable improvements in flexibility.

The Flexibility Program covers aspects of theory around stretching, touching on research as well as gives you a step-by-step program that you can follow, broken down into 3 parts. Each part utilises different stretching combinations to steadily and safely improve your hip flexibility.

If you've been following Back In Shape for a while, you'll know how important good hip mobility is for your lower back, and avoiding back pain. You'll also know that you should have good strength in the hip muscles too. This is why we recommend Phase 3 workouts to be done alongside your Flexibility Program for maximum benefit!

The Hip Flexibility Program Includes:
  • The purpose of hip flexibility
  • When's the right time to start
  • Different stretching techniques
  • Testing & measurements
  • A 3 staged program
  • Stretching technique library
  • Bonus progress trackers


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