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Our Back In Shape Resistance Bands are great for home workouts, they are versatile, compact and safe to use. If you are about to start Phase 3 of the Back In Shape program, this is the set we recommend. With a varying resistance range you can either carefully target one muscle group at a time, or use the bands for a full-body workout.

What’s Included?

  • 5 bands of varying resistance.
  • 2 handles
  • 2 ankle straps
  • Door anchor
  • Small Portable bag
Includes 5 straps of varying resistance, mix and match to get your desired weight level – from 4.5 kg (10lb) up to 45 kg (100lbs).
Yellow Band – 10lb
Green Band – 20lb
Red Band – 30lb
Blue Band – 40lb
Black Band – 50lb