Program Overview

The Back In Shape Program is designed to walk you through a series of essential, ordered Phases, that help you correctly get your Back In Shape for the long term. Here you can see a brief introduction to the Phases so you know exactly what you’ll be working through. The Phases can be completed at your own pace, some will get through the program very quickly, others take much longer. The speed isn’t important, we all have our own unique challenges!

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Phase 1

This is exactly what you need to help get you started on the recovery path, stop making mistakes and start getting you better. You’ll learn the foundational skills required to make any future rehab exercises work!

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Phase 2

This is the first step to building long term results & lasting change! Safely learning to control your back & spine while you safely strengthen the surrounding muscles in a safe environment.

This is often the most daunting step for those with back pain, but it is also the most important step towards getting your Back In Shape for the long term.

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Phase 3

Once you reach Phase 3 you’ll be working on the sole focus of building strength and control to safeguard yourself from future injury & relapses. A simple plan: increasing the intensity of workouts whilst retaining a focus on technique.

You’ll also continue to have complete support with the coaching videos for each and every exercise to ensure correct technique.
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Phase 4

Staying healthy and “in shape” is something we all know we should do, but often the confusion around what workouts are ok is an excuse to do nothing.

This Phase consists of “verified” workouts that are safe & challenging, complete with the individual coaching videos to give you confidence to continue your journey and keep your Back In Shape for the long term.

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Flexibility Protocol

Begin the 12 week Flexibility Program at the right time. By improving Flexibilty, objectively, alongside Phase 3, you’re increases in both strength & flexibility will compliment one another perfectly!

Make sure you’ve comfortably completed at least 2 weeks of Phase 3 before begining. You’ll learn why in this Program.

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Live Group Coaching Calls & Library

Join the Livestreams for Q&A and direct support with your Back In Shape journey. In each session we’ll be covering topics in detail, with practical tips & Q&A. This is a perfect opportunity to get even more out of your Back In Shape Membership with direct support from our clinical team. You’ll also have access to the archive of previous livestreams so don’t worry if you miss one!
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Q&A Library

Browse the library of short video answers to common questions from our Premium Members. This Library is regularly updated and is a fantastic starting point if you’ve struggling with anything, from exercise variations, to getting up off the floor. We cover it all, and if it’s not there now, just ask and it will be soon!

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Back In Shape Online Back Pain Program

The Basic Free Membership

The Basic Membership is free to join and gives you access to the Back In Shape Program so you can get started in Phase 1 right away with no charge!

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The Premium Membership gives you the complete access to the entire Back In Shape program as well as access to our clinical team through the exclusive Facebook Group. This membership is the perfect tool to safely take you through the rehab process & get your Back In Shape.

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