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The best way to fix your back pain from home
When back pain strikes the Back In Shape Program is your resource for immediate advice and ongoing support. On this page you’ll see exactly what you can expect to get out of a program that’s already helped people all over the UK.
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A Proven Way To Relieve Back Pain From Home

Starting out with what we like to call ‘Phase 1‘. The practical units & guidnace are there when you need them most & this is enhanced by our online community where you can get direct support from our team of experts.

More than a quick fix

Phase 1 is about more than ‘putting a plaster on it”. The focus is to relieve pain yes, but avoid the common exercises that feel good at the time but slowly worsen the problem.

Phase 1

Addressing The Essentials!

The membership material forms the backbone of the Back In Shape Program, even from day 1 you’ve got exactly what you need to make a start fixing your back pain from home. This is then further bolstered with our online community, that you’ll be part of. Direct access to clinicians through the exclusive Live broadcasts where they take your Q&A in real time with other members of the awesome Back In Shape community.

Understand Back Injury

Get to grips with why your back is injured so that you can avoid future relapses & optimise recovery.

Expert Video Guidance

More than just reading, interactive video content gives you a one-on-one experience with our clinicians.

Practical Exercise Plan

Specific exericses demonstrated & narrated by our clinical team, It’s as if they’re right there with you.

Full Video Demonstrations

Follow Along With Our Team

With our full protocol demonstration videos, you can follow along in real time. You can see what the routine should look like when done by a professional so you can gauge your performance, have something to aim for and can double check your technique.

Correct Form Avoids Injury

Reading about an exercise is one thing, but this can leave doubt in your mind. These in depth 15-30 minute videos help guide you closely.

Phase 2

Supporting Your First Step Into Proper Rehab

This can be a daunting process for many. Remember, the framework is there! The Back In Shape Program continues to give you the step by step guidance and support through this pivotal phase. That being said, having support from the online community, other real people just like you, all with different diagnoses and back pain stories creates a fantastic supporting network. Moving into this phase is made so much easier when you’ve seen others, in your position have success!

Starting Out With Basics

Exercises that are proven to build stability safely, building confidence & competence you’ll start to build your core.

Exercises To Avoid

Commonly chosen exercises can lead to relapses, impacting not only your back, but your confidence too.

Progressive Exercise Plan

Build on your progress on a day-by-day & week-by-week basis with gentle, but effective exercise protocols.

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Expert Tips, Guidance & Q&A Library

Throughout Phase 2 & beyond, as part of your membership, you’ll have access to 100’s of videos. From instructional exercises to educational lessons on spine health there’ll be something to help you with your unique circumstances.

Join The Exclusive Membership Online

Get involved with the community online, and join our clinicians as well as the hundreds of other members fixing thier back pain from home in real-time.

Phase 3

Back Friendly Workouts For Life

We’ve had members young and old, teenagers through to octogenarians in the membership move through the phases into Phase 3! In our clinical experience, these exercises have been the core of successful back rehabilitation for patients of all ages, even those over 90 years old!

They can be as challenging as you make them, a workout that the 20 year old fitness enthusiast and the 90 year old can both customise and still both get a great back-friendly workout done.

Back Friendly Workout

Safe & effective exercises to get, and keep you, Back In Shape for good, in all senses of the phrase.

How To Push Yourself

Guidance on how to push yourself with the workouts so you can slowly up the tempo as you get stronger.

The Most Progression

Build on your progress with added resistance to make this programs progression truly limitless!

The Best Back Support Program

Flexibility Program & Back In Shape •Live

These two additional resources are the icing on the cake when it comes to the Back In Shape Program taking your journey to its completion. We already have a popular way of supporting our members through the exclusive online community area but the advent of Back In Shape Live has made this even better for Premium members.

Flexibility Program

As you go through the Back In shape Program, you’ll learn more about our approach to flexibility. Yes, timing is important! The inclusion of our dedicated 12 week flexibility program comes as an important science driven protocol.

Back In Shape•Live

Having the ability to directly get support from our clinical team is one of the perks of being a member. Our Live group coaching Q&A sections give us the chance to give our members the vital direct support they need on a regular basis.

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Get Back In Shape For The Last Time

By breaking the program down into the three distinct phases you’ll be able to build the foundational elements necessary to return to proper exercise and enjoy life again. Commonly people will get caught out as they move back into more “normal” levels of activity without this foundation and relapse. A lack of confidence is all too often an issue when it comes to longer term back pain & this confidence is something that the program will help nurture.

Since the creation of the Back In Shape program, thousands of people have benefited from support in their time of need, especially during the difficult time in the summer of 2020. People turned to back in shape suffering from back pain caused by all sorts of conditions, unable to get the help they needed from elsewhere.

It’s the wonderful feedback and results we’ve seen that gives us the confidence to say; if you follow the program, take on board the lessons & keep the consistency, we’re confident you too, can get your Back In Shape for good.

Some Of The Conditions Our Members Have Overcome:

  • Chronic back pain (20 years)
  • Back pain after failed surgery
  • L4/L5 Disc bulges & herniations
  • L5/S1 Disc bulges & herniations
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spine arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sciatica & sciatic leg pain
  • Spine Stenosis
  • Scoliosis


The Best Online Back Pain Program

Specific Back Pain Relief Protocols

The exact protocols you should be adhering to in the early stages of back pain rehabilitation to provide effective relief & support normal back alignment.

Creating Foundation & Avoiding Bad Practice

The direct avoidance of harmful common practice is essential. This is coupled with the effective installation of foundational practices vital for rehab success.

Activation of Basic Static Strength & Stability

Specific exercises proven to safely engage and build the muscles that protect your lower back, without running the risk of injuring yourself mid-process.

Careful Guidance On Progressing Intensity

Support to build your strength and stability in a timely manner without overworking is a skill. Fortunately our experts are on hand to guide you.

Dynamic Strength, Stability & Flexibility

Building in real-world exercises to ensure durability and resilience in your lower back with sensible but challenging exercises that are right for you.

Keeping Your Back In Shape For Life

Principled guidance & workouts to keep you healthy, happy and back pain free for the long term. This closing part of the program keeps your back great.

Live Group Coaching Calls & Q&A

Join us for our regular Livestreams, exclusive for members, each session we’ll be covering topics in detail, with practical tips & Q&A. This is a perfect opportunity to get even more out of your Back In Shape Membership.

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16 reviews for Premium Membership

  1. sehur.chxo (verified owner)

    I regret not finding Back in Shape earlier. I suffered for an incredibly long time, taking days of work as I was unable to get out of bed and walk without crying in pain.
    I was so glad I was able to be treated non-invasively and with such dignity. Michael and Lara’s team are really kind and treated me with empathy and listened even when I went off topic!
    I felt a significant amount of relief following my first month of treatment and now I am able to almost do all the exercises that are recommended. I can walk, stretch and workout out as well I did a few years ago!
    I am very grateful for your support and I wish you all the best! 🙂
    Hopefully get to see you again soon 🙂

  2. Gina Howard (verified owner)

    Sometimes in my life I come across people who are just the right folk at just the right moment. Michael and Lara are two of these people.

    I have no idea how I came across Back in Shape website but am so grateful I did. What they offer is professional support, information, education and most importantly caring. The video’s make everything so clear. I can check I am doing the exercises correctly. I am doing phase 1 and 2 and beginning to see my way forward to recovery.

    Well done to you both of you for putting together this amazing resource.

    Thank you so much


  3. Pamela Ely (verified owner)

    Having suffered severe back pain for over 20 years and had three unsuccessful procedures at a hospital Pain Clinic I am delighted to report that within two weeks at Back in Shape my pain had reduced significantly and that two months later I had gone from using medication and a TENS machine every day to not using any form of pain relief and being pain free. I can walk for over an hour without any back pain and actually enjoy the exercises. I would recommend Back in Shape to anyone suffering from any back pain. Thank you.

  4. Vivien Bushnell (verified owner)

    I have only recently joined Back in Shape Online.

    Michael and Lara are very kind, reassuring and supportive.
    I really appreciate the underpinning knowledge that accompanies the various stages of the programme.
    The videos are so useful in enabling someone like myself to understand how the exercises need to be done.
    Being able ask if you are unsure in any way is invaluable to me.

    I am in the older age group ( 69 ) and struggling alot with my back issues right now, but I am so grateful that I do have hope for the future.

  5. Billywilson1963 (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend anyone with back or neck problems to give the BIS program a try. I have suffered with back and neck problems for just over two years and this all started from my accident when I had a fall causing serious injury to my foot, this resulted in major surgery to repair damage then the onset of back and neck problems.

    After a lot of visits to hospitals and consultants resulting in MRI scans, epidural nerve root Injections, facet joint injections, Physio and all the usual stuff I was told the only way forward was a surgical solution or just put up with limited mobility and constant pain. I was not ready for the risk associated with decompression surgery so was desperate to find a way forward.

    I was really at a very low point mentally as up until my accident I had always been very active and a regular at the gym, used to going for long walks with my dog and really enjoyed cycling.

    Although I knew there was a lot of people with much bigger problems to manage than mine it was still very difficult for me to come to terms with the overall prognosis from scans and then by chance stumbled across the BIS program and decided to have a virtual consultation with Michael.

    From my very first virtual consultation in May 2020 I felt a sense of positivity and inspiration from Michael and a feeling that I could certainly improve my current situation without surgical solution. Michael certainly helped me come to terms mentally with my current condition and give me the much needed strength and inspiration to move forward with the BIS program.

    I started Phase 1 BIS program around end of May 2020 with full support from Michael, Lara and BIS Team behind me. The support, advice and encouragement from Michael has been nothing short of inspirational and at that time I would never have thought that I could make any improvement.

    I am now working on the Phase 3 #1 & 2 routine and 7 months into the program, this has not been without set backs however throughout this journey Michael and his team have been with me all the way to ensure I was able to deal with challenges we all have from time to time. The program has now formed part of my daily routine and can say without hesitation my situation is very different to what it was in May and my personal situation has certainly improved which is a direct result of the BIS program.

    I feel a big difference with my flexibility, core strength and overall mobility and find that the compression in my spine that always affected me throughout the day now only really causes my discomfort and difficulty in the evening and this is slowly improving and can only be down to the BIS program.

    The overall support and advice from Michael and Lara is nothing short of exceptional with virtual consultations providing the boost sometimes you need when having problems and set backs. Nothing is too much trouble. The program is easy to follow and the videos are well explained with step by step guidance.

    My main goal was to avoid surgery which I thought was inevitable and improve my mobility both of these objectives are now really achievable following the BIS program. I have no hesitation with recommending the BIS program for everyone struggling with back, neck problems or just want to improve fitness and flexibility in general.

    Thank you Michael, Lara and BIS members for all the help and support!

  6. Sally Hartley (verified owner)

    I found back in shape at a time when I was suffering with recurring bouts of back pain, was feeling really down and didnt really know where to turn. I started watching the live streams on you tube & quickly learned the treatments and exercises I was doing weren’t helping. Since becoming a premium member, having a couple of consultations with Michael and working my way through the back in shape rehab programme, I’ve become so much stronger, far more back aware and am making sustained progress with my back recovery. The expertise and support of the back in shape programme is brilliant in providing expert guidance and a safe rehab programme. Its given me back my mobility and renewed confidence and optimism for the future.

  7. Adelle Tudor (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled with episodes of lower back pain for the past 3 years since pregnancy. I found the program incredibly insightful and realised I’d been doing all the wrong things on each of my flair ups. I feel like I’m much more prepared to deal with one now but even more prepared to condition my core to prevent it happening again. I’ve already recommended the program in conversation with friends and colleagues.

  8. Veronica (verified owner)

    After many years of frequent episodes of debilitating back and neck problems, I was sent a link to Back in Shape by a friend. From that day on, my life has changed for the better.
    I could never speak more highly of Back in Shape and the amazing dedication, knowledge, commitment and expertise of Michael and Lara. They help every member achieve so much, through amazing sets of very safe back strengthening exercises, that actually work like magic.
    For years I was told by doctors, my problem was age related and it should be expected, even though no examination of scan had ever been done. Back in Shape has proved that I can achieve so much, despite my age.
    If I do have a problem I know that Michael and Lara are there to guide me to the best way forward. Back in Shape is a must for anyone with back / neck problems.

  9. Sarah Davey (verified owner)

    I have suffered with back/neck and shoulder problems for 10 years, visiting many physios for treatment. When lockdown came and I could no longer have face to face treatment I turned to the internet for self management and came across Back in Shape on YouTube. Michael is very explanatory in his videos, and I came to understand my back more, but also why the exercises I had previously been given by other physios may actually have been causing more harm than good. The Back in Shape membership gives access to more helpful videos, exercises and a facebook page for advice. It’s helpful to read comments by other members because they can be relevant to me too. It’s also good to have videos of the exercises that I can regularly refer to. One of my downfalls with physios was allowing bad habits to creep in as I had nowhere to remind myself of what to do. I totally recommend Michael and Lara for all their work on the Back in Shape program and their in depth knowledge.

  10. Derek (verified owner)

    I joined Back in Shape 2 months after seeing videos on YouTube. You can start on a free membership and do all the phase 1 content, and then move onto a premium membership which gives access to phase 2 and beyond, plus online content, Facebook page, and live streams.
    It has been really good to have the support of Michael and Lara while progressing through the phases who are always quick to respond to any cry of help. The FaceBook page is also good for members to share topics and seek advise.
    Going through the phases does require some commitment and my advise would be to take it easy at first and get the techniques correct.
    I would deffinetly recommend Back in Shape for anyone suffering from back problems.

  11. Chris Hewgill (verified owner)

    I came across the Back in Shape programme whilst looking for pilates videos. I have suffered from Spondylolisthesis for over 30 years so decided to try the 7 day trial period. I was impressed with the videos right from the start, so I signed up for the premium membership and had a virtual consultation with Michael, I am currently working through phase two.
    I have been extremely impressed with the service so far, emails are answered straight away and nothing seems to much trouble. I have learnt more about my condition in the short time I have been a member than I ever have from the many Dr’s I have seen. I have also learnt that I have been doing a lot of things wrong. The videos are easy to follow and explain things really well.
    Whilst it’s very early days and obviously 30 years of back trauma is not going to be fixed overnight, I am extremely encouraged with how things are progressing and really glad I signed up. My main objective is to avoid surgery, which I was beginning to think was inevitable. However, at last, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.

  12. Kate Renesto (verified owner)

    Michael & Lara form a highly professional team and give every one the utmost care and attention to ensure membership with the online clinic is the best in providing knowledge, advice ant total support in looking after your back!
    Following years of back and neck pain it was a relieve to at last get some help and support from the Back in Shape Program. As a member you also able to join a dedicated Facebook group where members are able to ask questions and share advice and tips.
    Despite all the problems this year has presented, Michael and Lara have kept the program alive through an online clinic thereby continuing to provide virtual consultations, regular back related livestream videos and the reassurance that there is always someone there when you need help! The clinic was awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise this year … so well deserved, could not have gone to a more deserving service, THANK YOU for all your support!

  13. Aida (verified owner)

    I am please with the new website, it is easy to log in and navigate to all the protocols you put in. The library is amazing . I could easily click to review those workouts to remind myself how to do them properly and view the past live streams that I missed.

    I happy to tell my progress the Back in Shape I started doing the PhaseI September 17,2020 that was first time I was saw you on YouTube. I went to your clinic twice met you amazing staff. I have been doing this routine now for almost two months now Early morning Phase 1 midday Phase 3 alternate part 1&2 5×15 & evening Phase 1 with towel and Ice after each workout every single day . I never missed a day.

    I could say my posture have improved a great deal although my right hip still a bit higher compare to left side. I feel stronger and energised every time I do workout and I can stand longer time cooking without pain on my lower back.

    I am looking forward what is beyond phase 3. Thank you for all the things you and Lara do to help us back into shape.

  14. Siobhan O’Shea (verified owner)

    I first attended the Mayfair Clinic in May 2019 and was a regular until I stopped working in London in July 2019. I was very impressed with the professionalism and care provided by Michael and his team. I have been part of the Premium Membership since May 2020. The on line clinic developed by the team has been exceptional and provides a wide range of support. The team are very proactive and always respond to any questions in a timely way. They are also responsive to ideas and suggestions from members which will ensure that the on line clinic continues to develop and evolve. I have no hesitation in recommending the Back in Shape Programe to anyone with acute or more long standing back issues.

  15. Saprias78 (verified owner)

    I really recommend signing up to the BIS programme, the advice and help and support from the group is truly fantastic. Michaels experience as an osteopath and the programme of rehab is quite easy to fit into ones life and very enjoyable, I have gained core strength and many fellow back sufferers. I have never been fitter since joining this group.

  16. Callie (verified owner)

    Hi, I started Phase 1 of your Back in Shape program because I was very impressed with your professional knowledge and attitude towards dealing with back issues.
    I spent a couple of weeks working through the Phase 1 exercices, stretches and following your reasoning of why I was doing what I was doing in terms of looking after the health of my spine and core.
    I wanted to continue with the further phases as well as gain access to the Facebook Premium Members’ forum and subsequent videos and live sessions on ‘back care’ presented by Michael and his team.
    There are 3 ways to pay the subscription including one option to pay monthly. I chose this one and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever as I am now getting almost as much out of my Back in Shape workouts as I was when using a gym 3/4 times a week before clampdown ..
    The level of mental and physical progression, support from the BIS team and the Premium Members’ themselves is everything I had hoped for .. and more .. thanks.
    Callie – ( 66 year old ex-rock drummer with a few back issues but nothing major ..)

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