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What Is Hurting My Shoulder? What Is Causing My Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is a more complex joint and can take a bit of time to improve. The shoulder is a very unstable joint, a bit like a golf ball on a tee. With joints that have poor stability, they require muscular support in order to prevent any future problems from occurring. The rotator cuff muscles are responsible for keeping your joint in place. If those muscles aren’t developed, the surrounding muscles can push on the shoulder and cause it to shear. In turn, this can cause the cartilage to become injured, which can then take time to recover from.

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Should You Use Ice Or Heat For Back Pain? Hot Or Cold For Pain

If you’ve got any kind of back problem, whether it’s degenerative disc disease, a slipped, bulging or herniated disc or any other kind, these tips will be helpful for you. Many practitioners recommend using heat as it often feels good, but it’s likely to feel good regardless of whether you have pain or not there. A hot shower feels good for anyone, as does a hot bath.

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How To Fix The Bone Sticking Out Of My Neck | Hump On The Back Of My Neck

A neck hump can often bother you from a cosmetic perspective, so we’re going to explain what causes it as it is possible to do things at home to help. There’s two types of these humps, one that has been caused by excess fat tissue at the base of the neck, known as a Dowager’s Hump, and one that is bone, due to altered alignment of the neck. We’re not going to be covering Dowager’s hump today.

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Headaches Migraines & Neck Pain

A lot of people are not aware that there are a number of nerves and blood vessels that travel through the base of the skull. When these become compressed, this can lead to us developing headaches as there’s a constriction of blood flow. In the video, we showed you what the impact a lack of space can have on the joints at the base of the skull – there’s quite a pinching going on.

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