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Spinal Decompression For Back Pain?

The lower back is a load bearing structure. In most cases, when you injure your spine it’s because your back has been unable to effectively deal with that load. This could be due to a one-off accident or months and years of poor habits that have gradually caused a dysfunction. This is often why it can take time to heal. Spinal decompression helps to undo some of that excess pressure. One of the barriers to recovery can be exercises that strengthen the body but put more pressure onto the spine.

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Should You Use Ice Or Heat For Back Pain? Hot Or Cold For Pain

If you’ve got any kind of back problem, whether it’s degenerative disc disease, a slipped, bulging or herniated disc or any other kind, these tips will be helpful for you. Many practitioners recommend using heat as it often feels good, but it’s likely to feel good regardless of whether you have pain or not there. A hot shower feels good for anyone, as does a hot bath.

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