Here you'll find an archive of 150 Livestreams that were recorded during the lockdowns of 2020. There to support you with your back pain, sciatica, disc injuries & much more!

Videos dedicated to helping you with every aspect of back pain

These videos were hugely helpful for people throughout 2020 and the Back In Shape community steadily grew over time with these live broadcasts and Q&A sessions forming a great cornerstone to help people during this time.

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The topics covered here are timeless & you’ll benefit hugely from the detailed support in these videos check them out below for yourself!

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Back Pain

Here you’ll see the collection of livestreams centred around back pain specifically including what can go wrong as well as solutions and Q&A segments to give you more advice & support

Disc Injury

Whether it’s a minor disc strain or a sever lumbar disc herniation, disc injuries are frequently handled badly, because understanding is poor. This selection of Livestreams will help you better understand your disc injury.

Spine Injury

These videos are dedicated to the more ‘complicated’ spine conditions, such as spine stenosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease & much more. Confusion around these conditions often stops people starting the essential rehab required to get their back better in a timely manner.


Sciatica is one of those issues that is feared by many, however once you understand what’s going on it becomes much more manageable. For one ‘condition’ you’ll see just how popular sciatica is & how many struggle with it.


Everything from healing & collagen, to protein intake and vitamin D. We also talk about desk setups especially considering the number of people now working from home. This section includes a broad range of topics.

Neck Pain

The other end of the spine, neck pain has so many commonalities when compared to back pain. The same sorts of mistakes are easier to make with the neck and these videos will help you see why & get your neck pain fixed!

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