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Recent Episodes

Episode 4

Helping You Understand MRI’s & Back Pain

In Today's Live:

The Back In Shape program has come a long way since its creation and we'd like to think that the changes we've made over the months have really bolstered the program. That being said, there are always unique little insights that can help you through this program more effectively. In this livestream, we'll be walking you through specific points and common challenges you may face at different stages of the back pain program as well as what the best ways are to proceed.

🎥 Below are just some of the topics we're going to cover in this livestream as well as the usual Q&A, so no matter which Phase you're in, there will be something to help you with your Back In Shape journey!

👉Getting started with Phase 1 technique
👉Avoiding stagnation in Phase 1
👉Strategies to ease into Phase 2
👉Avoid progression errors
👉What to expect in Phase 3
👉Why the most challenging exercise is the best
👉Avoiding & handling relapses on the way
👉Avoid co-occurring issues impacting progress
👉Use of rest days

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Episode 3

Helping You Understand MRI’s & Back Pain

In Today's Live:

Many members of the Back In Shape program and patients over the years have had scans and MRI's but unfortunately these useful tools are not communicated to patients. Hopefully this livestream will help you better understand the role of imaging and how it can help you.

🎥 We'll touch on some of the following concepts & much more:

👉Reluctance to send patients for imaging
👉"There's nothing on your images"
👉What you're looking at on the images

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Episode 2

Advice for families with & expecting a newborn

In Today's Live:

This week's livestream we'll be covering some essential advice that doesn't get spoken about enough. In the clinic, there have been too many occasions to count, helping ladies who've been through procedures like cesarians that have next to no support following this. Understandably there are more pressing matters. That being said small snippets of advice can make the world of difference when thinking about long term avoidable back problems for mothers.
🎥 We'll be covering:
👉 Expectant mums
👉 Parents with newborns
👉 Grandparents
Hopefully you will all find this livestream helpful and informative. Yes this one will have a focus on ladies who're pregnant now or recently given birth, but also there'll be tips in there for those of you who have had children many years ago. Maybe, for example, you struggled with the core engagement from the outset, well in this livestream we'll be going into plenty of detail! And remember for the Dad's and ever-helpful Grandparents out there, there will be plenty of help & guidance for you too!

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Episode 1

All About Stretching For Back Pain

In Today's Live:

In the first Back In Shape LIVE we will be covering stretching. This was topic that was brought up off the back of the Flexibility protocol and we thought, after receiving some great feedback that there was a need & want, for us to go into a little more detail.

So in this Livestream, the first on the new system, we'll be covering stretching and flexibility in detail, so whether you're in Phase 1, 2 or 3, or in the Flexibility Protocol, this one is perfect for you!

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The Back In Shape Makeover!

In Today’s Live:

Shorter than usual we covered a quick tour of the new website to show you around the members area as well as Back In Shape Live.

We hope you all really find the new website much more useful & a great hub full of useful content that will help you rebuild your back and truly get you Back In Shape for good!

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