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The Best Way To Fix Back Pain & Sciatica

A 4 Phase program with expert clinician support to guide you through your Back In Shape Journey.
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An Exceptional Program With Expert Support

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Over 100 Educational Videos

Understanding your back & what factors have prevented recovery this far can help you avoid mistakes & relapses.

Over 50 Exercise Coaching Videos

Step-by-step instructions on how to do exercises, plus variations & modifications to help build good technique.

Over 50 Live Routines, Workouts & Flows

Follow along with live workouts for all Phases of the program plus more to ensure you're doing the protocols correctly.

Over 110 Live Q&A Video Recordings

Learning from questions other members have asked can help you move past your own blocks and get your back in shape!

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The Right Way To Fix Back Injuries

Phase One

Develop an understanding for your back which will last a lifetime as well as uncovering the secrets to lasting results. Phase One forms the foundation on which your strong & healthy back will be built.

Phase Two

Regular flare ups are caused by a lack of control of spine movement, as you start to develop this skill, you’ll begin to see improvements & healing in your back can start gathering momentum.

Phase Three

Develop movement patterns, with resistance to build strength that will further the resilience in your lower back as healing continues to take place with ever-decreasing frequency of relapses.

Phase Four

Bullet-proof your back with a blueprint for a long term solution. Following the 4 Pillars discussed in this Phase you’ll be able to take on any workout safely, and make it work for you and your back!

8-week Flexibility Program

Flexibility in the hips certainly plays a role in back health, timing however is everything. This mini-program is designed to be deployed at the right time to get results when you need them.
There's A Reason Specialists Trust Us With Their Patients

The Most Comprehensive Approach

This Phased approach combines education, with actionable exercises, and full routines that walk you through the rehab process at the right pace for you, all the time safe in the knowledge you’ve a team of experienced individuals to rely on should you need support.
What Set's The Program Apart

A Little Background

In the past, patients would travel from all over London, the UK and even internationally to consult with Michael in his central London Osteopathic Clinic. His unique insight ,having spent the past 10 years working in clinical practice with tens of thousands of sets of spinal images, offers patients a fresh approach to even the most challenging lower back injuries.  Since 2020 this expertise has become more easily accessible to people around the country and further afield.

Now every week, Members get the chance to ask Michael direct questions LIVE on video. This method of coaching members through the back strengthening process is something that hasn’t been possible before, due to the fact time was occupied by a fully booked schedule of in-person patient visits.

“Although we were confident from the outset, the Back In Shape System as continually proven itself for so many people with all manner of back injuries and testimonials speak for themselves.”
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Member Review


“My experience was excellent. After a few months of  phases I, II, and III, I got rid of back pain and episodes of crisis I constantly suffered before joining”

Member Review


“After many years of frequent episodes of debilitating back problems, I was sent a link to Back in Shape by a friend. From that day on, my life has changed for the better”

Member Review


“It’s been the best quality of feedback & value for money I’ve experienced in trying to sort back issues for the last 12 years.”
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With long standing back pain or sciatica it’s easy to become disheartened. Especially if you’ve tried so many treatments, and exercises or stretches before. We’re here to tell you, we understand, so many of our members have been where you are right now. We know it’s natural to be cautious after so many failed attempt, give yourself this last chance and you won’t need to again.

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