Follow a program that’s proven to address the causes of back pain.


A Proven Way To Relieve Back Pain From Home

The program is broken into Phases, starting with Phase 1. Here you’ll find educational videos that underpin the whole program. Following this you will be able to work through the specific exercise & stretching routine that will lay a vital foundation for future progress.

More Than A Quick Fix

In Phase 1 the focus is to start to reduce pain as well as to take steps to identify and avoid common bad habits that may have been stopping your back recovering – or even making it worse!

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Addressing The Essentials

The membership material forms the backbone of the Back In Shape Program. Even from day 1 you’ve got exactly what you need to begin to fix your back pain from home. This is then enhanced with our online community, that you’ll be part of. Direct access to our team through the exclusive Livestream where we take your Q&A in real time with other members of our community.

Understand Back Injury

Get to grips with why your back is injured so that you can avoid future relapses & optimise recovery.

Expert Coaching Videos

More than just reading, interactive video content gives you a one-on-one experience with our team.

Practical Exercise Plan

Specific exercises demonstrated & narrated by our team. It’s as if they’re right there with you.


Follow Along With Our Team

With our full demonstration videos, you can follow along in real time. This method gives you a unique experience. You’ll feel as though you’re there with us, getting all the cues & engagement prompts as you progress through the routine.


Have you ever been given a sheet of paper with pictures on it and told to “go home with these”?

Videos show you, tell you and ultimately remove doubt.

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You’re Not Alone!

Chronic back pain (20 years)
Sciatica & sciatic leg pain
Back pain after failed surgery
L4/L5 Disc bulges & herniations
L5/S1 Disc bulges & herniations
Spine arthritis
Degenerative disc disease
Spine stenosis

By breaking the program down into the distinct Phases you’ll be able to build the foundational elements necessary to return to normality and enjoy life again.

Commonly people will get caught out as they move back into more “normal” levels of activity without this foundation, and relapse. A lack of confidence is all too often an issue when it comes to longer term back pain & this confidence is something that the program will help to nurture.

Since the creation of the Back In Shape program, thousands of people have benefited from support in their time of need. People first turned to Back In Shape during the summer lockdowns of 2020, suffering from back pain caused by all sorts of conditions, unable to get the help they needed from elsewhere.

It’s the wonderful feedback and results we’ve seen that gives us the confidence to say; if you follow the program, take on board the lessons & keep the consistency, we’re confident you too, can get your Back In Shape for good.

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Learn More About The Full Program

Beyond Your Free Membership & Phase 1

There is an awful lot available to help you for free right away with Back In Shape.

By now tens of thousands of people from the UK and around the world have embarked upon the Program. For those looking for more help moving forwards, our Premium Membership provides unprecedented support to take you through 4 Phases of progressive rehabilitation & education.

We’re confident you won’t find anything like it out there, you can learn a little more below.


Expert Tips, Guidance & Q&A Library

Throughout the program you’ll have access to 100’s of videos. From instructional exercises to educational lessons on spine health there’ll be something to help you with your unique circumstances.


Get involved with the community online, and join our team as well as the hundreds of other members fixing their back pain from home in real-time.

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Supporting Your First Step Into Lasting Change

This can be a daunting process for many. The Back In Shape Program continues to give you the step by step guidance and support through this pivotal Phase.

Having support from the online community, other real people just like you, all with different diagnoses and back pain, stories creates a fantastic supporting network. Moving into this Phase is made so much easier when you’ve seen others in your position have success!

Remember you are following a plan that many others have already been through!

Starting Out With The Basics

Exercises that are proven to build stability safely, building confidence & competence you’ll start to build your core.

Exercises To Avoid

Commonly chosen exercises can lead to relapses, impacting not only your back, but your confidence too.

Progressive Exercise Plan

Build on your progress on a day-by-day & week-by-week basis with gentle, but effective exercise routines.


Back Friendly Workouts For Life

We’ve had members young and old in the membership move through the phases into Phase 3 & beyond!

In our clinical experience, these exercises have been the core of successful back rehabilitation for patients of all ages, even those over 90 years old! They can be as challenging as you make them.

Back Friendly Workout

Safe & effective exercises to get, and keep you, Back In Shape for good, in all senses of the phrase.

How To Push Yourself

Guidance on how to push yourself with the workouts so you can slowly up the tempo as you get stronger.

The Most Progression

Build on your progress with added resistance to make this programs progression truly limitless!


Live Support & More With Premium

So far we’ve touched on a few of the additional features & Phases that come with Premium Membership to the Back In Shape Program, but there really is so much more, and it’s growing every week!

Below are some of the additional Phases & resources that make up the full program & you’ll see why it’s becoming so popular.


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