Without having to wait to see your GP

When back pain strikes, the last thing you need is to wait days or weeks for an appointment only to be told to do exercises. The Back In Shape program is here to help you with FREE & immediate step-by-step exercises & support.

Get access to video demonstrations to ensure you’re on the path to being pain free now.

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A Proven Way To Relieve Back Pain From Home

Starting out with what we like to call ‘Phase 1‘. The steps and guidance that really underpins the whole program is there for both Premium & Basic members alike. 

Lara Co Founder Of Back In Shape Program
More Than A Quick Fix

Phase 1 is about more than ‘putting a plaster on it'. The focus is to relieve pain yes, but avoid the common exercises that feel good at the time but slowly worsen the problem.


Addressing The Essentials!

The membership material forms the backbone of the Back In Shape Program, even from day 1 you’ve got exactly what you need to make a start fixing your back pain from home. This is then further bolstered with our online community, that you’ll be part of. Direct access to clinicians through the exclusive Live broadcasts where they take your Q&A in real time with other members of the awesome Back In Shape community.

Back Pain Relief protocols
Understand Back Injury

Get to grips with why your back is injured so that you can avoid future relapses & optimise recovery.

Guidance and progress
Expert Video Guidance

More than just reading, interactive video content gives you a one-on-one experience with our clinicians.

Online community support
Practical Exercise Plan

Specific exercises demonstrated & narrated by our clinical team, It’s as if they’re right there with you.


Follow Along With Our Team

With our full protocol demonstration videos, you can follow along in real time. You can see what the routine should look like when done by a professional so you can gauge your performance, have something to aim for and can double check your technique.

Back Pain Spine
Correct Form Avoids Injury

Reading about an exercise is one thing, but this can leave doubt in your mind. These in depth 15-30 minute videos help guide you closely.


Supporting Your First Step Into Proper Rehab

This can be a daunting process for many. Remember, the framework is there! The Back In Shape Program continues to give you the step by step guidance and support through this pivotal phase. That being said, having support from the online community, other real people just like you, all with different diagnoses and back pain stories creates a fantastic supporting network. Moving into this phase is made so much easier when you’ve seen others, in your position have success!

Lumbar Towel Exercise
Starting Out With Basics

Exercises that are proven to build stability safely, building confidence & competence you’ll start to build your core.

Sittups are the wrong exercise
Exercises To Avoid

Commonly chosen exercises can lead to relapses, impacting not only your back, but your confidence too.

Progressive Exercise Plan

Build on your progress on a day-by-day & week-by-week basis with gentle, but effective exercise protocols.


Expert Tips, Guidance & Q&A Library

Throughout Phase 2 & beyond, as part of your membership, you’ll have access to 100’s of videos. From instructional exercises to educational lessons on spine health there’ll be something to help you with your unique circumstances.

Join The Exclusive Membership Online

Get involved with the community online, and join our clinicians as well as the hundreds of other members fixing their back pain from home in real-time.


Back Friendly Workouts For Life

We’ve had members young and old, teenagers through to octogenarians in the membership move through the phases into Phase 3! In our clinical experience, these exercises have been the core of successful back rehabilitation for patients of all ages, even those over 90 years old! They can be as challenging as you make them, a workout that the 20 year old fitness enthusiast and the 90 year old can both customise and still both get a great back-friendly workout done.

Lumbar Towel Exercise
Back Friendly Workout

Safe & effective exercises to get, and keep you, Back In Shape for good, in all senses of the phrase.

Sittups are the wrong exercise
How To Push Yourself

Guidance on how to push yourself with the workouts so you can slowly up the tempo as you get stronger.

The Most Progression

Build on your progress with added resistance to make this programs progression truly limitless!


Flexibility Program & Back In Shape Live

These two additional resources are the icing on the cake when it comes to the Back In Shape Program taking your journey to its completion. We already have a popular way of supporting our members through the exclusive online community area but the advent of Back In Shape Live has made this even better for Premium members.

Live Video Coaching Calls
Live Group Coaching Calls & Q&A

Having the ability to directly get support from our clinical team is one of the perks of being a member. Our Live group coaching Q&A sections give us the chance to give our members the vital direct support they need on a regular basis.

Flexibility Program

As you go through the Back In shape Program, you’ll learn more about our approach to flexibility. Yes, timing is important! The inclusion of our dedicated 12 week flexibility program comes as an important science driven protocol.


Get Back In Shape For The Last Time

By breaking the program down into the three distinct phases you’ll be able to build the foundational elements necessary to return to proper exercise and enjoy life again. Commonly people will get caught out as they move back into more “normal” levels of activity without this foundation and relapse. A lack of confidence is all too often an issue when it comes to longer term back pain & this confidence is something that the program will help nurture.

Since the creation of the Back In Shape program, thousands of people have benefited from support in their time of need, especially during the difficult time in the summer of 2020. People turned to back in shape suffering from back pain caused by all sorts of conditions, unable to get the help they needed from elsewhere.

It’s the wonderful feedback and results we’ve seen that gives us the confidence to say; if you follow the program, take on board the lessons & keep the consistency, we’re confident you too, can get your Back In Shape for good.

Some Of The Conditions Our Members Have Overcome:

The Best Online Back Pain Program

Back Pain Relief protocols
Specific Back Pain Relief Protocols

The exact protocols you should be adhering to in the early stages of back pain rehabilitation to provide effective relief & support normal back alignment.

Back Pain Lifting
Creating Foundation & Avoiding Bad Practice

The direct avoidance of harmful common practice is essential. This is coupled with the effective installation of foundational practices vital for rehab success.

Activation of Basic Static Strength & Stability

Specific exercises proven to safely engage and build the muscles that protect your lower back, without running the risk of injuring yourself mid-process.

Guidance and progress
Careful Guidance On Progressing Intensity

Support to build your strength and stability in a timely manner without overworking is a skill. Fortunately our experts are on hand to guide you.

Dynamic Flexibility
Dynamic Strength, Stability & Flexibility

Building in real-world exercises to ensure durability and resilience in your lower back with sensible but challenging exercises that are right for you.

Back In Shape For Life
Keeping Your Back In Shape For Life

Principled guidance & workouts to keep you healthy, happy and back pain free for the long term. This closing part of the program keeps your back great.

Live Video Coaching Calls
Live Group Coaching Calls & Q&A

Join us for our regular Livestreams, exclusive for members, each session we’ll be covering topics in detail, with practical tips & Q&A. This is a perfect opportunity to get even more out of your Back In Shape Membership.

Supporting Your Back In Shape Journey
Join our growing community

Be part of an amazing community, working to get their Back In Shape. Everyone is going through the same challenges & being part of a group can really help your motivation ultimately leading to better results.

Our Members

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Nick Slingsby
A Fantastic Program
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I now have for more confidence in my back so much so that I am starting to play golf again. I feel stronger than I did before I slipped a disc.
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Kate Wilkinson
noticeably improved my back pain
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I loved the workouts! You can workout with Lara demonstrating the moves. It felt good to be exercising again while still looking after your back.
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I regret not finding Back in Shape earlier
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I suffered for an incredibly long time, taking days of work as I was unable to get out of bed and walk without crying in pain.
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Gina Howard
Thank you so much
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What they offer is professional support, information, education and most importantly caring. The video’s make everything so clear.
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Pamela Ely
back pain for over 20 years
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Having had three unsuccessful procedures at a hospital Pain Clinic I'm delighted to report that within two weeks at Back In Shape my pain had reduced significantly.
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Billy Wilson
nothing short of exceptional
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I have no hesitation with recommending the BIS program for everyone struggling with back, neck problems or just want to improve fitness and flexibility in general.
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Kate Renesto
Thank you for all your support
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Following years of back and neck pain it was a relieve to at last get some help and support from the Back in Shape Program.
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Chris Hewgill
Spondylolisthesis for over 30 years
Read More
I was beginning to think surgery was inevitable. However, at last, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.
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Sarah Davey
Back, Neck & Shoulder problems for 10 years
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The Back in Shape membership gives access to more helpful videos, exercises and a facebook page for advice.
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Work like magic
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After many years of frequent episodes of debilitating back and neck problems, I was sent a link to Back in Shape by a friend. From that day on, my life has changed for the better.
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