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Many of our members have previously had unsuccessful treatments or interventions, including injections & surgery before joining us. In spite of this, they are getting real results with the conditions above, as well as many others that cause lower back pain.

What's In The Full Program

Instead of going round in circles, you can focus on following a proven program and progress through the Phases at your own pace.

You’ll be guided by us every step of the way through the exercise coaching videos so you know exactly how to do everything correctly & avoid mistakes.

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“Highly professional team & give every one the utmost care & attention to ensure the membership is the best for providing knowledge, advice & total support in looking after your back!”
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“In my knowledge and experience, BIS program has been the most effective and most holistic approach to permanently improve”
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“I just want to say THANK YOU, BIS!  I feel amazing. My back is so much healthier. My body feels great. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve been for a good few years. “

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Over the last 10 years in clinical practice, Michael Fatica, Registered Osteopath has specialised in treating spinal conditions. His extensive knowledge comes from getting patients better. Having personally analysed over 10,000 sets of load bearing spinal X-rays, many alongside MRI images, a unique understanding of the spine has been developed.

Bring your questions to the next Sunday Live Q&A!

Why Others Fail

A Unique Approach Was Born

Perhaps like yourself, members are often initially drawn to Back In Shape because of the novel approach to back pain and the way it runs counter to so much of the prescribed exercises, knee hugs for example. This often leaves people with the subconscious question of, why?

Approaching Back Pain "Back To Front"

To understand why this is, you must understand private practice as a Physio, Osteopath and more often Chiropractor too. It is very infrequent, especially with the first two professions, that they work alongside spinal imaging and this leaves a huge gap in knowledge and appreciation for how the spine works and how it fails.

This superficial understanding of how the spine and low back works, leads to the kinds of exercises and approaches you see to treatment – they do not work.

The reason that the Back In Shape Program is so effective at helping so many from up and down the UK and around the world, is down to the previously mentioned experience and the resultant inside-out and spine first approach to back pain and its many causes.

This is why we are seeing more and more Private Healthcare providers referring their patients to the program for expert rehabilitative support.

What Really Matters

When Should You See Results?

Depending on your history, you should start to see results within the first few weeks to a month. Some will first notice improvement in a matter of days. Others find that they need to progress a little further into the program finding things steadily improving as the weeks progress!

Chronic back pain can be stubborn, and when you begin you’ll need to start with Phase 1 to master the essentials. From here you can steadily advance through the Phases with support from our team & community.

If in doubt, ask us!

What's Involved

How Long Will It Take Me?

When you’re in Phase 1, most people will spend 15 to 20 minutes to complete the routine. You should aim to complete this 3 times a day with what amounts to 1 hour in every 24 hours. You can complete Phase 1 at home and if necessary on your bed.

There is more guidance as you progress through the program. Phase 2 is a similar time commitment – only 15 to 20 minutes at a time. Most will move on from Phase 1 within 3-10 days, and spend approximately 30 days in Phase 2, however it is important that you progress at a rate that is right for you.

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“My experience was excellent. After a few months of  phases I, II, and III, I got rid of back pain and episodes of crisis I constantly suffered before joining”
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“I now have hope that I can be strong and resilient into my 60s and 70s! I am already back doing Parkruns, and able to walk up to 8 miles”
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“It’s been the best quality of feedback & value for money I’ve experienced in trying to sort back issues for the last 12 years.”
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Follow the Proven Program

This “Phased” approach to your rehab takes you through gradually progressive exercises and stretches that have been built on a 10 year foundation of clinical expertise.

Join us on your computer, laptop or smartphone app from anywhere!

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“The monthly premium membership is excellent value for money. I only wish I hadn’t waited 6 months to see a consultant before signing up”
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