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Instead of going round in circles, you can focus on following a proven program and progress through the Phases at your own pace.

You’ll be guided by us every step of the way through the exercise coaching videos so you know exactly how to do everything correctly & avoid mistakes.

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This “Phased” approach to your rehab takes you through gradually progressive exercises and stretches that have been built on a 10 year foundation of clinical expertise.

Now, you can follow and stick to the program on your computer or laptop, as well as on the go on the dedicated smartphone app too!

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One of the highlights of the program is that all members can get real-time support from our qualified Osteopath specialised in lower back injuries.

Over the last 10 years in clinical practice with patients, Michael has personally analysed almost 10,000 sets of load bearing spine X-Rays, many alongside MRI images.

This insight is there for members to tap into every week, and fundamentally why so many have success with the program after previous failed treatments & surgeries.

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Back & Spine Conditions

Over the years members with a variety of conditions have turned to Back In Shape in their time of need, to provide relief for their back pain.

We have a dedicated page covering conditions our members have been having success with, some of which include: spinal arthritis, disc bulges and herniations, as well as sciatica. Even members who’ve tried numerous previous treatments and invasive interventions have had success with the program.

So chances are if you’ve been suffering with any of these conditions, the Back In Shape Program can help you too.

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I was fed a YouTube advert and I was instantly interested, being seriously frustrated at that time with the poor service I’d been given by my local physio. Lots of knees to chest and no explanation for the science behind why I was experiencing pain. BIS changed all that and helped me understand the reason behind every exercise and thereby increasing motivation to keep going.

I already have and will continue to sing your praises and recommend you to anyone who needs help with their own back pain.

There are so many people being let down by poor physio treatment. BackInShape membership provided me more support than any 2x 30 minute appointment per month did, and cost less. The community on Facebook is great and any question you fire at them gets answered very quickly.

From now on whenever I exercise or work at a desk, I use the tools given to me by BIS and help me look after my back for the long term.

Alastair M.

Premium Membership has everything you need to fix your back pain from home. You can now create your free account to get access today.

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Premium Membership has everything you need to fix your back pain from home. You can now create your free account to get access today.

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