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A Proven Way To Relieve Back Pain From Home

If you’re not a computer-savvy person, and prefer a good old fashioned hard copy, the Back In Shape Offline program is perfect for you. There are 3 Phases to choose from so use the guides below to help pick the right one for you!

More than a quick fix

The Back In Shape program is there to guide you through the rehab process from home, completely. It’s about real recovery not just a quick fix.

Phase 1

Addressing The Essentials!

Struggling to get up & move

If you’re in the position where you are finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and moving around on your feet for longer than a few minutes at a time is a challenge, there are likely some serious issues that need addressing. Getting the foundational components of good back health is essential, and sometimes, even if you are more mobile, visiting some of these lessons can create a great degree of awareness that is invaluable.

If you’re not sure where you should start, start here!

Understand Back Injury

Get to grips with why your back is injured so that you can avoid future relapses & optimise recovery.

Expert Video Guidance

More than just reading, interactive video content gives you a one-on-one experience with our clinicians.

Practical Exercise Plan

Specific exericses demonstrated & narrated by our clinical team, It’s as if they’re right there with you.

Expert Guidance

Follow At Your Own Pace

Start with the basics & educational information to help you understand what you should be doing on a daily basis. You’ll also learn about the kinds of activities you should be avoiding in the “mistakes” section before you move onto the exercise & stretching protocol.

Correct Form Avoids Injury

Pay close attention to the instructions for each exercise to make sure that you have correct technique. All these exercises are safe to do when done properly.

Phase 2

Supporting Your First Step Into Proper Rehab

A tentative first step

We can’t spend the future limiting ourselves to Phase 1. As soon as you’re able to move a little more around the house, we must begin the strengthening process. This step is all too often fraught with anxiousness. On too many occasions the first return to strengthening exercises is a negative experience and his is because it’s done badly.

Follow our guidance in Phase 2 to make sure that you understand the exercises you’re required to do and why you’re required to do them. That way we can make the next step into lasting change that will start to protect your back for the long term!

Perhaps you’re already quite mobile around the house, if that’s you, the start here!

Starting Out With Basics

Exercises that are proven to build stability safely, building confidence & competence you’ll start to build your core.

Exercises To Avoid

Commonly chosen exercises can lead to relapses, impacting not only your back, but your confidence too.

Progressive Exercise Plan

Build on your progress on a day-by-day & week-by-week basis with gentle, but effective exercise protocols.

Progressive Workouts

A Strategy For Success!

Phsae 2 helps take you through an exercise protocol that has room for progression and plenty of scope for meaningful change. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll find that this workout provides a selection of back friendly exercises that are perfect for rehabilitating your lower back.

Comprehensive Workout Protocols

The right exercises to build your core, deep core, gluteals, hip flexors & extensors as well as spinal erector muscles. There are lots of ways you can do this but we show you how you should do this.

Phase 3

Back Friendly Workouts For Life

Progression & Maintenance

People join back in shape for all sorts of reasons. In some cases members are just looking for a great workout that they know ticks all the boxes & is safe for their lower back. Maybe they’ve had a disc injury in the past, or have some arthtritis in the spine and they just want to keep their back strong.

That’s where Phase 3 comes in, it’s a great follow on from Phase 2, incorporating resistance to really keep your back in shape for the long term. With advice and a specific workout that challenges your muscles. If you want to up the intensity then you can make it into a great cardio vascular workout too!

Back Friendly Workout

Safe & effective exercises to get, and keep you, Back In Shape for good, in all senses of the phrase.

How To Push Yourself

Guidance on how to push yourself with the workouts so you can slowly up the tempo as you get stronger.

The Most Progression

Build on your progress with added resistance to make this programs progression truly limitless!

Start Your Journey Today

Get Back In Shape For The Last Time

By breaking the program down into the three distinct phases you’ll be able to build the foundational elements necessary to return to proper exercise and enjoy life again. Commonly people will get caught out as they move back into more “normal” levels of activity without this foundation and relapse. A lack of confidence is all too often an issue when it comes to longer term back pain & this confidence is something that the program will help nurture.

Since the creation of the Back In Shape program, thousands of people have benefited from support in their time of need, especially during the difficult time in the summer of 2020. People turned to back in shape suffering from back pain caused by all sorts of conditions, unable to get the help they needed from elsewhere.

It’s the wonderful feedback and results we’ve seen that gives us the confidence to say; if you follow the program, take on board the lessons & keep the consistency, we’re confident you too, can get your Back In Shape for good.

Some Of The Conditions Our Members Have Overcome:

  • Chronic back pain (20 years)
  • Back pain after failed sugery’s
  • L4/L5 Disc bulges & herniations
  • L5/S1 Disc bulges & herniations
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spine arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Scitatica & sciatic leg pain
  • Spine Stenosis
  • Scoliosis


The Most Complete Back Pain Program

Specific Back Pain Relief Protocols

The exact protocols you should be adhering to in the early stages of back pain rehabilitation to provide effective relief & support normal back alignment.

Creating Foundation & Avoiding Bad Practice

The direct avoidance of harmful common practice is essential. This is coupled with the effective installation of foundational practices vital for rehab success.

Activation of Basic Static Strength & Stability

Specific exercises proven to safely engage and build the muscles that protect your lower back, without running the risk of injuring yourself mid-process.

Careful Guidance On Progressing Intensity

This Expert designed program is there to support you building strength and stability in a timely manner without overworking is a skill.

Dynamic Strength, Stability & Flexibility

Building in real-world exercises to ensure durability and resilience in your lower back with sensible but challenging exercises that are right for you.

Keeping Your Back In Shape For Life

Principled guidance & workouts to keep you healthy, happy and back pain free for the long term. This closing part of the program keeps your back great.

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