My Weekly Magazine Feature: Lindy’s Back Pain Story

After suffering from crippling back pain, Lindy was able to turn it around with the Back In Shape Program and get into Triathlons at 60!

At 54 Lindy was fit and healthy. Suddenly after sitting at work for an extended period on a hard chair, Lindy’s back started to seize up. Within days, this lead to what can only be described as crippling sciatica resulting in being signed of work for 4 months.

MRI scans done at the time showed degeneration in the lumbar spine, likely as a result of years bent over helping pupils as they worked. Like so many of our members, Lindy was initially prescribed stretching exercises from her NHS Physiotherapist and strong pain killers all in an effort to get a few hours sleep. Things did not look optimistic to say the least.

Ultimately, Lindy came across the Back In Shape Program on the internet, and through the program and weekly Zoom sessions, she turned it all around. Even getting back into running and completing the Bournemouth 10k in 2022!

You can read the full release as well as the 6 tips we gave the My Weekly Readers in the feature below.

Want To Get Your Back In Shape?

Lindy’s story with us is all too familiar, many of our members unfortunately begin doing exercises and practices which simply do not aid the proper recovery of back pain or sciatica, if you’ve been struggling yourself then check out how Premium Membership could help you too.

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    1. Ah Lindy, you did the great work! Thank you! Just take things easy and focus on getting back to feeling right again, don’t be tempted to push yourself on the exercise front before you’re ready 🙂 you’ll be back at int in no time!

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