10 Minute Hip Mobility Flow For Back Pain Relief

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Hip Mobility Is one part of the Back In Shape approach and alongside your strengthening work, this little routine can be perfectly slotted into your day to help keep your hips free to do the work so your lower back can get take things a little easier.

Lower back injuries are supported best in the short to medium term by strength in the core and back, but also strength and mobility in the hips. Using these stretching routines to help meet this goal of improved, or maintained hip mobility can really help in reducing the cumulative strain on your back across the days and weeks.

Flexibility work to help alleviate back pain is often over-emphasised and the accompanying strengthening ignored, so please make sure that your using this routine as it was designed rather than solely relying on the hip mobility routine to fix your back pain alone!

With that being said, after you finish this routine, do give yourself a few minutes relaxation for your mind and your low back on the towel too!

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