My Birth Story Did Not Go As Planned – 3 Weeks PostPartum

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Here she is, welcoming Evelina!!!

It has been 3 weeks since I gave birth! She is a dream baby!

I cannot believe how time is flying by, in this video I discuss my birth story. What I had hoped for and what ended up happening on the day! Firstly I must say, following on from my last video, I already feel soo much more like myself! Our bodies are remarkable at ‘bouncing back’ pretty quickly.

You of course loose the weight of the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid etc instantly but I honestly didn’t really notice this for a week-10days until I had begun to make progress with my recovery at home.

I was too busy looking after little Evelina, plus the early days of PP are pretty chaotic. But now, thankfully most of the swelling I had experienced has gone, aches and pains have subsided completely, oh and I can breathe so much easier again! Haha!

Although I am still recovering, and taking it easy, being careful with my movements etc, it feels amazing to be getting back to my ‘normal’ self, so soon! Regarding the birth, I was hoping for an all natural birth, however things didn’t end up going that way on the day… watch the video to find out more!


Lara x

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