4 Steps To Relieve A Lower Back Pain Injury

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Both back pain and sciatica need active participation in the way of rehabilitative exercises to provide relief and ultimately aid in their complete recovery. Unfortunately some get drawn into following relief exercises that undermine the healing process providing short term relief, but not helping in the healing and recovery process, furthermore, some of these practices will interfere with the healing process.

Principles are always important if we are to be successful with our approach to a back pain relief routine. Focusing on these 4 pillars will help make sure that you are addressing the injury and the stresses that are often preventing its smooth recovery.

When we do base our rehabilitation around remedying the stressors that are present in the injured back, we are providing relief to the problem, as opposed to simply trying to relieve pain in any which way. Although all of these principles are simple, they are so frequently overlooked. Our hope is that this video will help you to understand the strains on your back that prevent resolution of your sciatica or back injury specifically, so you can get the relief that lasts.

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