Yoga Ball Exercises For Lower Back Pain

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If you’ve got a Yoga Ball lying around the house and are looking to strengthen your core effectively then trying the two exercises covered here will be a great safe way to build your core strength with your lower back health and stability in mind.

When doing exercises to strengthen your lower back, whether you’ve had back pain in the past or not, you want to work in a somewhat functional manner. In the real world, our core is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining balance and a centred trunk. When we are carrying things in one hand, or moving objects from A to B, or even moving around the house, many of our activities, if not all of them, are done asymmetrically.

By choosing exercises with the Yoga Ball that put our spine in a neutral position, which is then challenge, we are able to work the core in this true to life manner. If you’ve seen our previous Yoga Ball video you’ll have seen the sorts of exercises you want to avoid and why these are simply unhelpful, especially when it comes to rehabilitation after lower back injuries.

Give these two a go if you do have a yoga ball at home and they’ll be a great little super-set that can help you rebuild your core muscles in a safe way after lower back pain.

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