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After suffering with back pain for many years, an outdoorsy Em was faced with the prospects of back surgery, specifically an operation on a previously herniated disc. At the last minute Em decided against the procedure, a discectomy, which would have involved shaving off the problematic part of the disc.

Shortly after deciding against the surgery, Em came across the Back In Shape Program online. Embracing the program wholeheartedly Em’s gone from strength to strength. Having worked to build her strength over the past few months, staying true to her enjoyment of the outdoors, both Em and her husband successfully climbed Criffel Mountain in Dumfries!

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Why get your Back In Shape?

Em’s journey with us is a familiar one. For many, the back pain or sciatica that’s experienced is one thing, but when it’s long standing the greater issue tends to be the things that are missed out on. This case relates to being outdoors with loved ones. In other cases, it’s the simple things such as socialising with friends, or even being able to do the gardening. Back pain makes the every day tasks and little enjoyments we have more difficult.

For us as creators of the Back In Shape Program, nothing pleases us more than seeing members successfully overcome their challenges and get back to doing the things they love. This is the purpose of Back In Shape. We’ve got the program, the tools and the support to help you on your very own journey, all that’s therefor you to do is follow the Phases and you’ll get there just Like Em and many others!

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