Avoid These 2 Yoga Ball Exercises If You Have Back Pain

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Yoga balls can be a fantastic tool to work on your core strength and balance, however if you’re someone that’s struggling with lower back pain, you need to be cautious. Yoga ball or not, if you’ve got lower back pain working to strengthen your core you should focus on neutral stability of the lumbar spine as well as avoiding exercises that are going to encourage rounding your lower back. In addition, some exercises are simply more challenging due to the loads they exert on specific areas, like the lower lumbar spine in the case of a leg raise.

When it comes to strengthening your core, whether or not you’ve got back pain or sciatica, you want to do it with purpose! Are you just looking to build a thick, bulbous 6-pack solely for aesthetic purpose? Or are you focused more on building strength to safeguard against injury and if you get a tighter and more aesthetic waist in the process of doing so it will be considered a bonus!

Hopefully this video gives you a guide as to why the two exercises mentioned are unfavourable. As for what you can do instead, make sure you follow the YouTube channel for more Yoga Ball related videos. Remember you can always make a start fixing your lower back pain with the right exercises by following the Back In Shape Program today.

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