Why Does Ironing Hurt My Lower Back

Ironing is one of those household activities that can be a real pain in the back. It certainly is one of the activities that you want to avoid where possible. But if you have to do it then understanding ways in which you can make it easier on your back is vital.

In this video we talk about some of the reasons that the actions involved in ironing can aggravate the lower back. For example the slight forward pivot being something that increases the loading on your lumbar spine therefore increasing pressure on a structure that is injured, often for many minutes at a time.

We recap some of the fundamentals of lower back injuries, as understanding what is happening when we injure our lower back helps us develop principles and practices to avoid worsening the injury. Finally we go through some practical tips that you can employ, when you must do the ironing.

These tips will help you reduce the likelihood that this activity results in a more serious aggravation of your lower back. Of course, it is always better if someone could do the ironing for you and your lower back but this isn’t always possible.

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