How To Sit Properly When You Have Back Pain

Whether you’ve had chronic back pain for a long time or it is something more recent when the topic of sitting comes up, trouble is always around the corner. For some sitting provides relief and for others spells immediate disaster. We’ve another video all about sitting and its specific role in making your back injury worse, but in this one we’re talking more about specifics.

We start off by covering briefly the two main challenges with sitting which are the rounded nature of the lower back and the static nature of sitting. From there we talk about 3 big mistakes that people make when they’re sitting, talking about the chair itself, how you’re sitting in it as well as the natural thermal effect itself.

The point of the videos in this series is to recognise that these daily tasks aren’t going to be eliminated, and therefore if you are going to do them, what could we do to help you do them in a more back friendly way. There’s nothing worse than being told, you cannot do X again.

It’s much more realistic to offer advice, guidance and tweaks to help you more do said task, in this case sitting, in a way that is less likely to irritate your lower back. In the latter part of the video we go through 8 ideas and areas that you can use to make sitting a less detrimental activity. Don’t misunderstand, we’re not advocating sitting, for a number of reasons, but when the eventuality occurs, doing so with these tips will be more favourable by far!

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