Back Pain Really Effects My Mental Health

One of the great things about the program is that it fundamentally works by having an “expert team” that can help guide and educate you through the process of you getting your back in shape – fixing your back problem. 

This combination of education with an actionable plan is so very powerful and contrary to the way back pain is often approached, which is why people with more recurrent or chronic lower back problems tend to get affected mentally. 

Through seeking specific approaches to resolution of the problem we end up gradually seeping away our own agency. Your agency is your ability to impact an outcome. When we approach others, be they your Doctor, Consultant, Physio, Osteo, Chiro or other specialist, and ask them to solve our problem, we are implicitly saying that we do not have the ability to solve it.

Of course there is a stark difference with seeking help in a collaborative manner, and getting them to “fix me”. 

Unfortunately people all to often get guided into the “fix me” approach which over time can really negatively impact your feeling of control over your back and the resolution of the injury. 

Hopefully this video reminds you, if you’ve  inadvertently gone down this path, that you do actually have a lot of control, that the role of any “expert” or “program” is to guide you, collaboratively. Others will never “fix you” and programs will never “fix you” unless you are part of the process. 

Ask yourself, in that 168 hours every week, who spends the vast majority of time influencing everything you do, who can change what you chose to do, and who can start to shape a better way of doing things. 


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