One Thing I Can Do To Resolve My Back Pain

When it comes to doing rehabilitation for your back pain there is 1 thing that is so frequently overlooked that massively impacts your recovery. Most of the time you might be doing about 1 hour or so of rehab each day, maybe a little more or a little less. This makes up a very small part of your whole day, perhaps only one 16th of your waking hours.

This one thing, is the other 15 hours. You might be wondering why this is relevant, well there are a number of reasons this is incredibly relevant if you’re trying to fix your back pain from home, with or without in person specialist treatment.

Firstly, for the purpose of this video we will assume that you’re doing a great progressive strengthening program and not doing any of the “wrong exercises” – basically that you’re following the Back In Shape Program. Because now we know there won’t be an issue with the 1 hour (out of the 16).

Now that we have that bit out the way, all too often the hard work in that 1 hour of rehab is combatted with a series of bad habits that counter the hard work during your workouts. Your sensible approach to the 1 hour of rehab should spill over into the rest of your day and apply to all other daily activities!

Secondly, whenever relapses do happen, very often the first culprit in the eyes of the person with back pain is the exercises, when in actual fact, assuming the exercises are being done correctly, it is the 15 hours of work, life, leisure etc that will be the main culprit, and often something that has not been altered significantly since starting the program. The way you use your body in this 15 hours is likely something that predated your back pain and often lead to it, or best case, has maintained the problem rather than helping it resolve.

So going forwards, make a change in this 1 area, pay more attention to the 15 hours! You may not be able to change everything but do your best to make it better! if you’ve got questions, ask us in the comments! Remember you don’t know what you don’t know, but when you do know, you must apply these changes. They can often be difficult to apply just because your existing bad habits are so very ingrained, but if you do apply these changes successfully you can look forward to an accelerated recovery process that lasts!