Should I Just Rest If I Have Back Pain, Or Should I Stretch Or Strengthen My Back?

Understanding which stretches you should be doing when you’ve got back pain and why is important. If you’ve seen any of our other videos you’ll know that working on flexibility at this stage is not a priority, strengthening is. That being said there is some utility in the Phase 1 stretches we talk about that help you begin to learn a foundational movement or skill. One of the big issues many have, is the ability to isolate hip movement when recovering from back pain.

The hip and the lower back all move together meaning most movements, even a simple leg stretch, aggravate an injured lower lumbar spine. Of course you should be moving to strengthen your core and stabilise your spine, but as you’re doing these simple Phase 1 stretches use it as an opportunity to practice hip movement without your lower back being involved. This will pay dividends when it comes to strengthening your back more effectively.