When Should I Start Strengthening My Body After Back Pain?

When to start strengthening work for the back is something that is so commonly delayed to the point of it never being started. When it is invariably started it really is one of the most daunting challenges for someone who’s recovering from back pain, especially if previous attempts to rebuild back & core strength have been met with failure and relapse.

Like anything there is a right and a wrong way to strengthen your back but before we entertain how to do it. We need to make the decision to move into the strengthening Phase. For most this is much sooner than they would otherwise consider it.

Ultimately strengthening work is the main way, if not the only way, we start to provide lasting support and protection for the back, the sooner we get started, in most cases the better. More often than not, if you’re mobile, with or without pain, now is the time to start back injury rehab. That way you’ll be able to get the instruction necessary to fix your back pain from home.