Relapse & Back Pain

Thank you for joining us for today’s livestream where we talked about relapse and back pain. The problem with recovering from back pain is that we can’t put you in a test-tube to complete your recovery. It’s definitely not a linear process. It only takes you picking up something from the floor or slipping off a curb to relapse in some cases. You’re going to be vulnerable to future injuries until you strengthen your body and heal the problem.

As you do your rehabilitation, you’ll get better at bouncing back each time. Back pain occurs after years of bad practice, not a one-off occurrence. The last thing you did might have caused an acute phase but the problem has resulted from years of poor behaviour. Have you been looking after your body? Do you regularly sit with bad posture? Have you been doing the wrong exercises for some time?

The wrong exercises can cause the area to not heal properly and become more unstable. How long does it take to recover and undo long-term poor back habits? Faster if you start with the right rehabilitation as soon as possible. So start accepting that rehabilitation is a necessary process. The mental impact of back pain can often be greater than the physical damage that’s there. Some of the questions we answered today were: Should you avoid using heated seats in a car when you have back pain? Some of them heat up to the lower back.

Using them would be unwise but if you’re into Phase 3 of the Back In Shape program and you’re on your way to do some sport, then that would be a better decision. Is there ever a time when you don’t have to think about engaging your core anymore? Yes, the more you do it then you’ll be able to engage your core subconsciously. I’ve always been taught to engage the core by tucking the bum under, why is this? It does help you learn to do it but it’s not a helpful teaching point. During a relapse should you avoid sitting even if that is the most comfortable position? Yes, as sitting compresses the lumbar discs so it’s not helpful. You’re not supposed to want to sit for long periods as we’re not designed to do this. There’s a strengthening exercise on a chiropractic website that involves the deadbugs but pressure your spine into the floor, is that wise? It could be an old video that they perhaps haven’t updated, it could be that they want to decrease the likelihood that you feel pain with the exercises. #BackInShape #BackPain #Relapse

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