How To Fix Constant Low Grade Lower Back Pain?

Problems are likely going to be located around L4-5 to L5-S1, it might be worse in the morning and you might be seeing stiffness, aching and pain. You may be able to move well but it’s just bothering you constantly. It might not even stop you from doing anything that you want to do but it may just be always niggling away causing you discomfort. More progressive back problems can occur from this point as generally this can be an early stage of a back issue.

Figuring out what kind of problem you’re experiencing can be tricky because you can’t actually see what’s going on, it’s not visible from the outside and can be affecting a general area as a band-like pain rather than pinpointed to a specific section. Some exercises can make any back problem worse, in particular things like knee hugs as they pull apart the sections that are trying to heal by knitting themselves back together.

When getting a diagnosis, muscle spasm is never the cause. Your muscles are reactionary so will go into spasm as a result of an injury below. If you’ve been told the muscles are the problem, you might try and stretch them and that is just not helpful without understanding the issue correctly. Look at your daily activities and see what you’re doing that could be problematic. Are you exercising? Do you have excess weight? Do you spend a lot of time sitting during the day? It’s very often an accumulation of small things over time that cause a problem rather than a one-off trauma.

You can change all of these things to give yourself a way out. Just a week or two of change is not going to be enough, especially if these contributing factors have been present for a number of months or years. Try our Back In Shape program. This contains exercises and stretches that are beneficial for your spine and give you the right exercises at the right time for you to recover. Explore strength based activities to improve your strength and stability of your body. We include these in Phase 2 of the Back In Shape program so that you can start making beneficial change. The flexibility protocol again is brought into Phase 3 as this would be the right time to improve flexibility, and is not a first port of call when you have back pain. Q&A near the end! #BackInShape#BackPain#Constant

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