Lower Back Rehab Post Surgery, What Should You Do?

There can be minimally invasive surgeries, which is something we’re more going to focus on. More invasive surgeries would be ones where hardware is being inserted to the spine, where the recovery is going to be longer. First of all, do listen to your surgeon. They will tell you what their expectations are, they’ll tell you after the surgery what exactly you’ll need to do afterwards for the best recovery.

Unfortunately, in rare situations this may not happen. Post-rehab management may not happen. The stronger you are prior to going through a back surgery, the better you will come out the other side – bar no exceptions. If you can do appropriate rehabilitation like that which we recommend in the Back In Shape membership area, then your body is going to be better supported. If you’re on a waiting list, don’t just do nothing as it’s the worst thing you can possibly do. Don’t assume you have to sit and wait for the surgery, build strength, support and protection.

Most people who come to see us want to avoid surgery, but if you do end up having it do make sure to do this rehab. Minor decompression surgeries generally expect you to get back to work within about 4-6 weeks. At this point, doing Phase 2 exercises will be good to start if you’re going back to work as these are going to be less strenuous than your work environment.

If you can get in and out of a chair, you’re able to do a squat. With more invasive surgeries, you may be getting up and moving around with gentle steps straightaway or soon after. From twenty weeks onwards, you’ll be more so back to regular activity. Live Q&A near the end of the video. #BackInShape#BackPain#RehabPostSurgery

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