Lower Back Pain When Lying Flat On The Floor_

Lower Back Pain When Lying Flat On The Floor?

Thank you for joining us for today’s livestream where we talked about why you might be getting back pain when lying flat. What exactly causes this and what’s going on within your spine as well as what you can do to help it once you know what the problem is. Also stay tuned to the end for details on our inversion table competition!

Back pain when lying down does bother a lot of people, you may feel different types of pain depending on the problem you have as well. The issues lie in the lumbar spine. A lot of us spend a lot of time sat down, you might nowadays be sat most of the day because you’re still working at home.

If you’re back at work you might also spend your commute sitting as well. Sitting places a lot of pressure through the L4-5 joints in the spine which can cause irritation to develop. You’re also going to get tightening of the hip flexors because they’re not getting a lot of movement. This is going to affect your mechanics and how well you move. You should have a natural lordosis in your lumbar spine, a nice smooth curve and one that’s not flat. If you flatten your curve, the hamstrings will pull on the sacrum and you will compress the lower section of your spine.

This is why when you lie down you might feel aching in the lower back because you’re compressing on the front part of the vertebrae and stretching the ligaments. Hyperextension & unstable joints: if you have shearing in the lower back where the facet joints rub on each other, you may have more of a sharp pain or an electric shock type pain that extends from the back down the leg. For the health of your hips it’s important to go through a full range of motion.

Going into extension shouldn’t be painful, if it is painful then you will have inflammation going on in the lumbar spine. Doing the right kind of exercises is important to strengthen and protect your core and lower back. Getting into gym work is great, but if you’re doing the wrong exercises: such as sit-ups, leg raises or russian twists, you’re going to make the problem worse.

Doing the towel stretch is going to help perform a decompressive effect, opening out those disc spaces and allow it to go through its natural healing processes in a state where it’s not being compressed.

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